And a Happy New Year!

Wow we have been pretty M.I.A. over the holidays, hmm?  Not sure about erin, but I've been somewhat lost in all the strange weather Cleveland winters have to offer... that said, Christmas in Ohio treated all of us extremely well - I'll brag more later :)

Best present = spending some QT with the family... including Jane :)


tis the season :)

Who DOESN'T love holiday icons?? And what's more Christmas (especially this year) than White Elephant :)


ugly betty!

The day I thought would never come is finally here :) Today I replaced my old computer - a sad little powerbook g4 named Big Mama - with a brand spankin' new MacBook (named Ugly Betty). Don't ask me how these names come about... but we all know seeing "Big Mama" or "Ugly Betty" is more fun than "Macintosh HD"... same goes for seeing "Fat Elvis" instead of "LaCie 320" - either way, she's a lovely addition to my home :)


another obsession

1. it's called snuggalicious
2. it looked really good on when i tried it on in Chicago.
3. it is versatile as a regular wrap or the collar wraps around high for a more chic look.

check it out.... Kania.

something about these makes me smile

Joslyn posted these mushrooms from Roost on her favorites a couple days ago.
Not only are they soooo beautiful and would look lovely clumped up together, but I have been on a serious mushroom kick... besides the mushroom dabacle of monday night. Wise phrase to live by: do not mix 2 bottles of wine with mushrooms makes a nasty dish.

But in the meantime, check out the roost mushrooms.



iconic panels

Wall paneling is kind of like glass block - once upon at time it was awesome... then it lost it's charm... and now its coming back - kind of. These definitely aren't the 'wood' panels covering your grandma's basement.

I love so many of these, but here are a couple favorites!


new coat!

I finally found a coat - the price was right (only $40 after the sale!) and the color goes with anything!