I have always been intrigued by screen printing... its a skill I would like to learn in my lifetime. I saw this book via Sia Grafica, Print Liberation:the screen printing primer. Other than a good place to start to learn more about screen printing, Print Liberation looks pretty rad from what they have on their website.


Elle Decoration Apr 08

While reading the latest volume of Elle Decoration (the UK version of our Elle Decor), I found a few things I wanted to share :)

1) Habitat : really cool, but not available in the US. We'll have to work on that. Interior / exterior, etc.

2) one of the feature articles- 'Yellow Fever' -documents a Paris apartment's re-do based on this white / grey / yellow combination we've been RAVING about for months! :) My question is: design aside, where is there any sign that someone actually LIVES here, or for that matter, COULD live here? I want to see this combination and this sense of attention to detail in an apartment that provokes you to live like a normal human being. Can you imagine how the designer would shudder at the sight of a pair of shoes left in the corner, or someone's toys left in a pile in the middle of the floor? Lord help us if there were a real plate or a bottle of ketchup on the table..

Bottle-Cap Re-Use Project

I check-in on some of the first-year's blogs from time to time to see what their working on in Iarc and because I like to see how their projects vary from person to person. They did a project recently where they had to use bottle-caps to re-make an everyday item. I checked a few that were pretty weak- won't name names...- but this one was AWESOME. It's a lamp-shade and whether it's just a great photo or if it really produces this look, I think it's sweet. Nicely done.

the kurv

this is the chair, but definitely not in our office..

We rotate different chairs / pieces of furniture in the front lobby of our office, and I get the sweet job of choosing those rotations / pairings. We just recently got one of the kurv chairs by karim rashid in a white leather from our nienkamper + icf group rep- it's surprisingly comfortable and an eye-catchers against a minimalist-revived cotton mill-exposed brick-original column scheme in our office here.

3-form's parametre

I just met with the rep from 3-form the other day where he went over the whole binder, finishing on a new material they're developing called parametre. It's a 3D paper screen that stretches to about 14' tall. It's fastened at top and bottom with an incredibly strong magnet (i pinched my fingers trying to test it out..) and comes in a few patterns and a few colors. He says its indoor/outdoor, but in the middle of my thorough testing process (playing with it) I was able to tear it, meaning adverse weather conditions could do a number on a panel of this stuff. INDOOR however sounds great- it's basically made of paper, but it's the same paper used in Fed-Ex envelopes, meaning it's fairly durable.

IKEA warms up

As I was looking through IKEA's website in preparation for a trip over there this weekend while in Atlanta, I came across this scheme for a living room- pleasantly surprised by how cozy-warm it seems without seeming ugly and frumpy. As a collector of vintage finds with a variety of wood tones amongst them, I think this red color (to compliment the wood tones and the white/gray scheme I'm trying to pull-off) might be the color of my new bedroom!

Wal-mart does Baby Mod

As I was looking through Apartment Theray's ohdeedoh, their nursery section, I saw this dresser, a compliment to the matching changing table and crib. The kicker? These are from WAL-MART! Now, there have been times in the past when Wal-Mart has surprised me with a cute lamp or two, but for the most part, they're not even close to being the design-worthy match to Target I think they'd love to be. This furniture, however, gives me hope.

That said, as one of my coworkers put it, "Looks aren't everything- probably made of paper by small children...looks good in the picture, though." (Some of us aren't huge fans of Wal-mart, clearly). Thoughts?


kate spade strikes again

I think there must be some mix-up. I have completely fallen in love with just about everything kate spade, but somehow don't have the money for it... I think the stars are out of alignment or something...

Here are two samples of kate spade dinnerware (available at Macy's) and while I love them both, the top is a bit much for me. I am, however, crazy about the bottom- such a pretty design.


urchin vases

These vases by wrapables are so fun. They would go perfect with the anthro teaset that I adoringly covet!! I found it via hostess with the mostess she suggested them as a centerpiece. I think they would be delightful against a brightly colored wall like the photo or in the bathroom.

This calls for a trip to Japan!

Klein Dytham architecture created this beautiful Leaf chapel... and it is all green! located within the grounds of the Risonare hotel resort in Kobuchizawa it gives off a thought of serenity.

If you use it for a wedding chapel, the steel veil lifts as the brides does to reveal a beautiful pond. check out more pictures here.


i draw pictures all day

I was checking out our marketing department catalogs the other day looking for images and found Veer. They sell stock photo, illustration, and type. But they are just general lovers of design. they have a small merchandise section with some pretty cool stuff, t shirts, sketchbooks, jewelry, cameras... but I especially love these sketchbooks! says it all right?


Baby Carter

This past weekend I met up with some favorites for a busy day in Greensboro. It started with a baby shower for my friend, Ali, and ended with a night out, catching up with old faces.

Ali is seven months along, and while I'm still terrified of children and the possibility that anyone our age is taking that leap of faith, she really is going to be a great mom. She's excited, prepared (as much as possible) and has a great support system behind her- I can't wait to see how this little boy turns out :)

courtesy of meghan joyce- love it.

seven months of pregnant



This past weekend I got a real taste of Texas. literally.... meat meat and more meat. I went down to Gruene (pronounced green) for a lil R and R by the Guadalupe river.

We hung out on the dock, tubed in the very cold water, bbq-ed more than i have ever seen, watched the cows (and birds) go by and took a trip into town for a bit of boot stomping and singing at the oldest dancehall in Texas, Gruene Hall.

We even brought home some Texas wine!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures... you can see more on my Flickr' site. Thanks Sean and Shannon for getting married and bringing us all together and thanks to Davis for hosting at his awesome house!!


Bon Voyage... and thanks for coming!

no photos allowed in gallery so here are a couple in the lobby.

As it was Brandon's last night in town we wanted to do something fun. Aside from the all day shooting bonanza him and Ben had at the range yesterday (we are in Texas!). Conveniently Thursday nights are free at the Dallas Museum of Art!! It was my first trip there and it was very cool... much larger than I expected too. My two favorite exhibits were the Stanley Marcus (founder of Neimans) photography exhibit and the study on decorative accessories (naturally).

The Photos from the Stanley Marcus exhibit were really groovy in every sense off the word, there were some very nostalgic pictures and although they were mostly of family and friends they captured time. His use of color was really great and there was one in particular i loved of ladies at a cocktail party in the 60's. You can buy the book here.

The study on the decorative accessories was mostly pottery and dinner ware but it was neat the way they laid it out in a timeline fashion. unfortunately it had no info up because they were still installing the exhibition.

There was also live jazz, cocktails and food in the lobby. The sun was setting and the lighting was really beautiful... hopefully a perfect way for Brandon to end his trip.


Moving this summer!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while- new project at work + house-hunting and I've been SWAMPED! Even though we're not moving until late May, we're picky and extremely anxious about this stuff- still used to apartment-hunting in a college town where the open units filled up faster than the classes, we've been looking for a new rental since about January.

We've looked at... at least a dozen townhomes and condos and started narrowing in on what we really wanted. We finally found something, negotiated a lease agreement, and we'll be signing within the next week!

Although I love where we live now, moving + a new home can be fun... especially in that immediately after we move and get settled in i'll be bringing home THE PUPPY!!!!! (due to be born april 4).


dallas world aquarium

busy busy week already!! Brandon is in town so we went to the Dallas World Aquarium on Sunday. a lot of hanging out and lots of good eating has been going on since he got here on Saturday.

the aquarium is pretty awesome and it is privately owned. that's a very impressive collection for one individual. I do believe it is almost comparable to the awesome aquarium in Baltimore! i think my favorite this was the tree kangaroos and the manatees. i highly recommend this outing to anyone in the Dallas area.


fabulous friday

beautifully composed photograph from the sartorialist. have a great weekend!


We met with the Louis Poulsen rep a little back and he showed us a couple of REALLY nice fixtures- one of which is the Collage Pendant. I love this piece (when used correctly) and someday (SOMEDAY!!!) will find a way to make use of it.


I've grown more and more familiar with UAP (Urban Art Projects) out of Australia in searching for interesting sculptures, furnishings, and the whole sha'bang for streetscapes and exterior projects.

They do interior and exterior installations, artwork, exhibits, etc- you've really got to check out their site to grasp the idea, but this one is a quick favorite of mine.

More Jessica Claire...

I know I post her photos up here and there, but this one is amazing. The amount of color she manages to get out of her photos is insane.


I had to do a little bronze round up for work... i thought i'd share. Nothing like a lil metallic to brighten up a cold friday. Snow in Dallas!! can you believe it?!?!!


goose hat

sfgirlbybay has an unexpected guest today, Jessica Gonacha of Deluth GA. It is a fun article and you should check it out if you have a minute. I especially love Jessica's goose hat print on her etsy site. love it...


funky chunky

from Marni

I have a slight obsession with chunky leather platform sandals right now. It all started with a rockin pair I spotted by Marni. Here is a round up of others I found that were just as cool... all a lil outta my budget. So i'll keep dreaming... and looking for an affordable one (or sale!)

top two are from nordstoms, bottom left is a pair of Louboutin's and the bottom right is YSL via Barney's



Or any reason at all to buy this paper from martha stewart. I need a craft.