Elle Decoration Apr 08

While reading the latest volume of Elle Decoration (the UK version of our Elle Decor), I found a few things I wanted to share :)

1) Habitat : really cool, but not available in the US. We'll have to work on that. Interior / exterior, etc.

2) one of the feature articles- 'Yellow Fever' -documents a Paris apartment's re-do based on this white / grey / yellow combination we've been RAVING about for months! :) My question is: design aside, where is there any sign that someone actually LIVES here, or for that matter, COULD live here? I want to see this combination and this sense of attention to detail in an apartment that provokes you to live like a normal human being. Can you imagine how the designer would shudder at the sight of a pair of shoes left in the corner, or someone's toys left in a pile in the middle of the floor? Lord help us if there were a real plate or a bottle of ketchup on the table..

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