on a happy note:

Check out these gorgeous windows I saw at ABC while in NY last week. They have a very ethereal yet funky chic quality... no?

This is pretty much the only time I got out and saw something cool.

Sad Day!

Domino is closing. via Mediaweek. It sucked to have Blueprint gone... but really? Domino?


Lykke Li

Had to share this concert poster. It cracks me up and I love it!! And can't wait to go to the concert!

via Gorilla vs. Bear


Micheal Smith and his dream job.

Michael Smith has been dubbed the white house decorator. Although he isn't my normal taste, It oozes with what I picture East Coast style being. It makes me long for a laid back weekend at the Greenbrier and horseback riding, tea at my aunts in the woods or hanging out with my uber preppy outfit with my friends.

We all deserve to escape right? I think he will do well in the White House, you can follow the Micheal Smith saga at Domino.



The lovely Heather sent me the link to find the faceted table. The Meteor table by Arik Levy. so cool. And the site she found it on is pretty cool design too. Thanks Heather!!


yay! new bike

Thanks to Ben's very gracious family I cured my cycle obsession! It's pretty rad. It was later in the day when I got it so we had just enough time to strap on the back pack and ride over to the grocery store to pick up a few last minute items for dinner. Now I just need that basket I wanted and I will be on my way to European lifestyle bliss.

Jos~ I'm ready for those sunday bike rides!



anyone know where to get this groovy little faceted occasional table? spotted at the Downtown Standard LA.

Oh and happy friday! i hope your weekend involves less work than mine!


new year... new you??

I have put a lot of thoughts into the new years resolution. Although i think that it is a great time to start over and set some goals, I also think that it may be a load of BS. so here are my top 5 resolutions.... give or take some seriousness:

1. create something i am really proud of
2. experience something i have never even imagined
3. meet someone that changes my life.
4. go to a place i have never been
5. have a good night when the unexpected happens

it is all very vague... and to be honest in 2009 i like it that way. I'll let you know what happens.


2009 Immediate Favorites

With a new year, I've re-organized my blog bookmarks... out with the ones I don't ever read, and in with the new favorites! Although the list is probably 100+ long, here are the ones I check (at least) once a day:

1) Daily Dose : domino
I subscribe to the magazine, and the blog seems to be the perfect digital companion to that - very much in tune with my budget, style, etc... very laid-back. (Kind of love Nick Olsen and his personality on here..)

2) Design*Sponge
(duhhh...) Classic - probably one of the more thorough design blogs I check... there's a little bit of everything and a lot of style on here. Plus it gets updated more than any blog I've ever come-across.

3) Dwell Blog
This is kind of like a more serious / masculine version of design*sponge for me... instead of covering paper-crafts and floral prints it covers architecture and engines.

4) Making it Lovely
I just recently found this one, but spent one night reading through every post ever posted on this blog - at least a couple years... I've decided if there's one house I want to mimic, this is it. I love - LOVE - her style.

5) Sad Guys on Trading Floors
Nothing to do with design, but hilarious. Plus, with the economy in such great shape, what's left to do but laugh a little bit?

6) Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book Blog
I know, I know - I'm pretty far away from a wedding... but there are so many great photographs, ideas, crafts, and trends involved in that industry - how can I resist a blog that covers all of that??

7) How About Orange
Another one of those.. a little about everything - with a strong orange influence :) Love her style, etc. Worth checking on a regular basis!


Parish 2


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Moleskin and wine... The perfect store. And the food upstairs In the restaurant is excellent.

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4th and Swift

Dinner in Atlanta. Brilliant food, simple beautiful interiors. HighlY recommend it.

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Off to japan today for 5 monthes!!! Good luck. :)

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WOW! indeed... we have been MIA. I have been traveling like crazy, home to NC and Atlanta which I am back to tomorrow. So in light of a new year, lets not stay away for so long ok?

I would like to make an introduction though. Ben and I created a blog starting today. The gyst is that we want to utilize our iPhones camera, and show our perspectives.

So I introduce: BE combined. check it out.
Happy New Year. yay 2009... I'm ready for a Change. This year is gonna be good.