Happy Halloween!

Audrey dressed as Madeline at the Arboretum pumpkin fest

Whether you are going as Madeline or Freddy Crugar, have a safe and Happy Halloween... and a fab weekend too!



This website, designforobama.org, has hundreds of posters and prints by designers from a pretty big variety of backgrounds, all showing their (nicely creative) support for Obama. I have a few favorites shown above, but this, seriously, isn't even a small fraction of those on the site. Check it out.

ps: "graphic designers for obama > you had me at the logo." -- LOVE.



Alert. Macy's is having a sale on winter coats. So that is my recommendation for you Kelley.
I also, would like a new, updated winter coat. I got a very cool one from Anthro a few years ago but it has seen better days. and I have a black one but it doesn't have much pizaaazz. So here is my wish list for winter coats. I think the big buttons, assymmetrical seaming and high collar give a the fun unexpected details I love.
1. from Soia & Kyo. I have been coveting any coat really from this company but they are a pricey investment

2. from Guess at Norstrom. not sure I like the legnth but the color and details are spot on.

3. from DKNY at Macys. love the cut of the coat. and the removable hood is pretty cute too.

winter coats!

Looking at Blair's yellow coat got me wanting a new one. I have a black pea-coat that I got last year for christmas, but having lost about 40 lbs since that point, and with it being shorter, it definitely isn't as flattering.

And I want something longer. Like Blair.

I like these, but I'm not sold on them - and I can't afford something brand-new for the look I want. I'd love a bold color (kelly green, PLEASE?) and a preppy-all american-classic-vintage look. Maybe it should be a new project and I should scour Charlotte's thrift stores? Erin, do you know of any other places I could look for something like that?

PS: I think I'm going to make some pumpkin seeds this weekend :) Pumpkins will probably be on clearance after Friday... and I've got some time... mmmmmmm!


Gossip Girl

Well, I don't watch the show - I've seen some episodes, and I've caught pieces of others enough to know the idea behind each personality. So your post, erin, made me curious. I started looking through photos of the girls throughout the seasons, and I'm pretty content in saying that I think I identify with Blair's style the best. It's preppy, she throws in bold colors, and embellishes each outfit with a headband or some pearls. It's a little over-the-top for what I can afford to pull-off from day to day, but looking at everyone, she's definitely my favorite.

jenny humpherey

I look forward to monday nights for 3 reasons:

1. the chance to get together with my girlfriends in dallas and have a yummy dinner

2. we watch the hills [shameless i know]

3. we watch Gossip Girl [even worse but i love it]

So last night at Lindsy's place after we made a yummy recipe for stuffed pizza (ala Rachel Ray) we settled in for some Gossip Girl. One thing I love about the show is the fashion styling and outfits. So Lindsy propsed the question: "which girls style do you like/identify with the best?" my answer was Jenny, because she has a slightly edgy style but her accessories always rock and she is just girly enough without being over the top. Lindsy's answer was Blair.

So I ask you... do you watch Gossip Girl? which style do you like/identify with the best and why?



Ben sent over the link to his long time friend Ryan's freshly launched website. I knew Ryan was talented, but these are incredible.... and fun to look at. The diptychs he has created on his site are pretty rad too.Ryan has also started doing wedding and event photography. So if you know anyone, pass on the word.



This is the last shot I took on my way to the airport yesterday. It may be the only color i get to see on the trees since the trees in Dallas turn brown then barren.

Back in Dallas now and needing some R & R. is it the weekend yet?

Keep it Simple...

brown craft paper + twine = this year's strategy.initial idea for a christmas tag... too much?

Last year, I tried to simplify gift-wrap and keep it simple. Of course, that still got out of hand as I started collecting ornaments to attach, and red velvet ribbon, and then "simple" gift-tags that I still ended up buying... it just turned-out to be too much.

This year, I'm serious. After Joslyn's post about some really, really, gorgeous gift-wrap, I've decided not to fall for it and to stick with brown craft paper and twine. I'm making my own gift tags, and refuse to stray from the plan!

...Maybe I should start with the gifts?


Staying Neutral.

There are a few color combinations that I can't get enough of - what I wear, at work, etc... all seems to circle-back to a gray + terra cotta / rust + yellow? + turquoise? + white.


high point...

Market is next week and we have been working our *** off to get the showroom set. As there is not much to do in High Point North Carolina I have been reading (** finished one of my books, 1 down 9 to go) and doing a little bit of surfing on the net.

While surfing, I found this groovy pouch on etsy. I love little pouches. they are perfect for lipgloss, pencils and organizing in the purse or to pull out and use as a clutch for going out. I love the octopus on it.


My "Travel Hangover"

I have such terrible travel hangovers... ya know that pain, when you get back from a trip, where everything around you hurts because it's here instead of there? That depression that your arrival home throws you into? That is my travel hangover. It happens after every last trip, without fail.

Just looking at these latest photos from jon + megan has made my heart hurt to that effect. I figured out that through all of my bills and commitments, there is only one that I can't get around - my student loans. Rent, car, insurance, etc... all of that could be sold / cancelled / put-off. Student loans are something I'm going to have to save-up because it won't go away, but my new goal - I'm putting it in writing! - is to save some money and take a trip like this. To get away and do something "for me" that involves traveling around for an extended period of time. Alone or with someone, it doesn't matter. Mark my words!

Calendar Wallpaper

Yes, this is a little bit ridiculous... but can you imagine having a back-wall covered in this wallpaper in a studio or office? Keep birthdays, big meetings, deadlines, etc, all organized and in a kind of fun way? I just saw this on the dwell blog and can't decide how to feel about it..

Come Fly With Me

I just came across this necklace on Etsy... I know it's kind of different from the necklaces I usually wear, but it seems so sweet - I kind of want it. I just hope that the chain would be long / short enough... length is tricky sometimes.


Monday Huddle

Every Monday, if not other days, one of the partners of my firm sends a company-wide email with a link to an article / project / point of interest that's design-related on some level, and we kind of discuss them / go-over them during a weekly, company-wide 'huddle' phone call. I usually end up posting them on here, but why not make a point of sharing the wealth??

So, consider this the first (of many) official Monday Huddles. I won't take credit for this unless I actually come up with them (rare), so assume that I'm getting them from an outside source.

'Second Lives' at the Museum of Arts + Design

Roberta Smith writes: In “Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary” at the new Museum of Arts and Design, masses of plastic utensils and combs, vinyl LPs, dangling eyeglasses, syringes, ladies’ pumps, pieces of crockery and spools of thread are marshaled into works of art or design, most of them derivative and gimmicky.


PSD Actions

I downloaded a set of actions from Pioneer Woman a few weeks ago, and today, in a (brief) moment of boredom, played-around a bit with them. I love- LOVE -these actions. Here are some before and after's (some of the before images aren't the same... my organization is pretty weak and I'm having trouble finding the original files - might have accidentally deleted them, but they are all from the same 'roll').

Shiny Red Shoes

I'm so in love with this design, I can barely put it into words. Suzanne (amazing) posted on her blog a design that she did for (the former) Megan Tremblay (now re-married) for a company she's started - a concierge service called Shiny Red Shoes. Having been in studio with Megan for 4(?) years straight, I know that she sported identical red shoes all the time - and pulled them off like no one else. The idea of the company is really cute - I especially like the assistance with gift-buying - so fun!

I'm so in love with the red + robin's egg blue combination these days, plus the white background of the site, the clean font used = a totally modern, simple, 'jcrew meets real simple' feel that works beautifully.

Love it!


weekend work [apt]

complete! well almost.... bigger images on Flickr here.


the treehouse

Is what we have lovingly begun to call the new apt. Here is a picture of my new morning ritual and you will see what I mean. English muffin, OJ and design blogs while watching the squirrels on a crisp morning. Can you ask for anything more?


hostel on the list

I am sooo pissed that I didn't know about this hostel when we went to Denmark in May. Featured on Apartment Therapy today this youth hostel [DanHostel Copenhagen] should definitely be on anyone's list traveling through Copenhagen. And then please write me and tell me how awesome it was.

The good news is that Gubi furniture is attainable and you too can get this look.

Nature meets Architecture

One of the partners at my firm sent this article through this morning. I'm in love with this house, especially because if they hadn't said it, I never would've known it was in NYC.

guest room

I have one more thing worthy of showing in the new apt. The guest room... well at least one view of it. I hope it makes you wanna come visit.