Monday Huddle

Every Monday, if not other days, one of the partners of my firm sends a company-wide email with a link to an article / project / point of interest that's design-related on some level, and we kind of discuss them / go-over them during a weekly, company-wide 'huddle' phone call. I usually end up posting them on here, but why not make a point of sharing the wealth??

So, consider this the first (of many) official Monday Huddles. I won't take credit for this unless I actually come up with them (rare), so assume that I'm getting them from an outside source.

'Second Lives' at the Museum of Arts + Design

Roberta Smith writes: In “Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary” at the new Museum of Arts and Design, masses of plastic utensils and combs, vinyl LPs, dangling eyeglasses, syringes, ladies’ pumps, pieces of crockery and spools of thread are marshaled into works of art or design, most of them derivative and gimmicky.

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