Shopping around...

I'm not sure if you saw, or if I showed you (rather) the calendar that I've got and am have been using since the spring- it's one of those leather zip-up situations by Franklin Covey, and while I love some of the aspects of it- being able to tuck a notepad in there, business card slots, etc... I'm bored. It was supposed to be this grown-up endeavor into the world of sleek planners, organizers, sketch-books, etc- it's not going well. I've been postponing ordering the refill pages to go into this planner for the 2008 year, hoping that I'll find something that I can work with- something fun, classy, dare-I-hope-for...PREPPY?? Well, this morning I definitely stumbled upon this little number by kate spade (I think she designed this for me, personally)- and I think I might make an investment.

The hard part is waiting until 2008 to put these into use! (Thanks to sfgirlbybay for taking me to poppytalk- hadn't seen that one! which took me to a morning of planner-hunting.) This planner has, what looks like, month-to-month pages and the weekly spreads, so plenty of room to write down all of my important engagements... and the t.v. shows I've got to remember to watch...

While I was looking at the website where this calendar was featured, I looked through the rest of some of their items for sale- some of it's kind of funky and cool. Also, in that we were JUST talking about cameras, this one isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it's kind of cool- this LOMO white colorsplash camera looks like it's got a color filter over the flash- you can choose between 13 colors- to change the flash on your shot... I wasn't quite sure what this meant, but look at this example- pretty cool.

Any other cool planners out there?? I need something fun, not too expensive, and with plenty of room to write.


horoscope- please don't judge.

Side-note: given our joint-appreciation for graffiti and public art, I thought this horoscope (courtesy of my Yahoo homepage) was all-too-appropriate:

Where one person sees graffiti, another person sees artwork -- life is subjective!

...also very appropriate given my last post about that "artwork."

transit art

Hey erin- don't know if you've heard about this from anyone here in Charlotte or not, but...if you drive along this new transit system down South Blvd. you'll see these huge up-right UFO's flanking the tracks. At first when I saw these, I thought they had something to do with the construction process- and while I like the industrial, function over form look just as much as the next guy, these are ugly.

Then, they stayed there... and I realized they are made of dirt. And my opinion of them dropped even further. If you keep driving not TWO SECONDS LATER do you see the railway stop- nothing too fancy, but nicely done in comparison to what it could've been. I'm not sure what the concept is / was behind these, but I decided to do a little bit of research- try and figure out what in the world they were thinking by allowing this "artwork" to become a part of Charlotte's "wave of the future" light-rail system.

I just found an article from the Observer about the art- here's some information I found, and this is where my cynicism comes out:

  • Thomas Sayre is the artist who handpicked the dirt used (impressive?- do artists not USUALLY pick their medium?)
  • These structures are made of dirt, concrete, and reinforced steel.
  • They are apparently aligned with "sun and shadow" and are described as pieces that "bridge Charlotte's past and future." I didn't realize Charlotte had so recently grown out of the caves and into the newest city to host designs by I.M.Pei...
  • "The sculptures are meant to recall the harrowing disks farmers hereabouts used to prepare the land for planting. Eighteen feet high, weighing 11 tons each, the giant circles also suggest wheels turning, the motion of whizzing cars and trains." And extra-terrestrial life...
  • The total cost for the art is about $1.9 million. I'm not even going to start on that right now... but I will take this moment to register myself to vote in the city of Charlotte.
Maybe I'm being a closed-minded, stuck-up designer in thinking that these aren't exactly the best choice for abstract art to help bring Charlotte into the future while keeping their past close to heart. Thoughts?


first day o' fall

Its the first day of fall. I have been seeing tons of red in our showroom... but I am so ready to be outside for a few hours. I have a day off for the first time in what seems like weeks and I have caught glimpses of the trees turning already. I am headed down to Charlotte to do one very fall like thing... watch FOOTBALL. whats even better is I will be with you guys. yesssss..... maybe a joint link is in the works.

lights, CAMERA... action.

Funny you should mention that you want a new camera because I have been slowly looking around for one myself. I have the same Sony camera you do and I agree good camera but... you are SO right about that money shot. I get frustrated not being able to completely contol the apertures and shutter speed. It is one of those "idiot proof" cameras as my mom says. so... on a quest to for a little advanced refinement here is the camera that I am lusting after:
You can check ot this Canon rebel on their website. I have some saving to do for this one.



In case you didn't hear, fall starts on Sunday, and how THRILLED am I?? Who doesn't love to layer- because we all know I do. Well, I feel like everytime a season changes, I feel the need to buy new clothes for that season. I guess it's from 18 years of back-to-school shopping, and growing out of clothes (in all directions...) by the time the seasons rotated.

Well, this year, I want a new jacket / coat. I have a parka, and I have a fleece, but a coat to wear to work is what I really want. I have a light-weight pink trench from Polo, but I'm starting to lose my patience with it- it's so light-weight that it barely does anything! ...It seemed like a good idea at the time...

Anyways, I found a coat at the Gap, of course. They have some really cute sweaters and whatnot for the fall, and I'm trying to convince myself not to go crazy, but this jacket seems like the answer to all of my wildest dreams. Thoughts?


Weddings.... or at least the photography involved.

I was looking at design*sponge today, going down my list of the blogs I check everyday- sometimes more than that (procrastination is a killer.), and saw a link to another blog I haven't seen before. Keeping up with MK is by a photographer who posts some of her photos and personal thoughts, most of which seem to be taken in the D.C. area.

It's not that I want a wedding, or that I even have a boyfriend or a guy in mind, for that matter, but there is something about looking at photos (at least those well-executed) that makes every girl start collecting the ideas she'll put into practice one day. Its not that I want to get married... but I would love to plan a wedding. By the time that day comes, I'm hoping I'll have all of my ideas so completely narrowed down it'll just be a matter of making them happen. Here are some of my favorites from her site:

this is sweet enough to make the grinch shed a tear:

I used to think I wanted to get married outside somewhere, and while a reception might be lovely outside- I'm picturing something with tapas / appetizers & an open bar, underneath a large trellis with vines and discreet white lights woven throughout, complimented by glass hurricane candle-holders & white candles hanging from that trellis, all topped off with nothing but white and green flowers. can you tell i've thought about this??
Anyways, back to what I was saying- I'm starting to think that my tendency to over-plan and agonize over the details of these kinds of events would lead me to be happier planning something indoor, possibly in an older building like the one pictured below, heading towards that shabby-chic meets modern-vintage appeal.

can you tell i'm somewhat biased towards black and white?

I think this was taken on board a ship - the NOAA ship Thomas Jefferson. What beautiful way of turning the ugly interior of a ship- completely function over form- into such a perfect juxtaposition with this gown.

Most of all, this made me want a new camera. I guess those who can't have the wedding or the newborn or the events worth photographing are the ones behind the camera. I have a decent camera- not that I've taken care of it like I should have or anything- it's a sony of some sort... but I really miss having an SLR and coming up with those money-shots. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'm going to start saving for it... could be kinda wonderful... I'm leaning towards a Nikon, but I'm completely open to comments and suggestions towards or away from that.


this weekend's travels

If you'll remember, the last time you were in High Point we came to retrieve you & while we were waiting, we WENT to that chest of drawers- oh I've definitely seen it, in all it's glory...

I hope you have fun in HP- I'll make it up to the triad at some point, I'm sure. This weekend I'm driving to Cleveland on Saturday (then back on Sunday) to surprise my mom and the family for her birthday dinner- should be great- The Melting Pot is definitely worth 16 hours in the car in a weekend.

Can't wait to see you- if not in NC then I'll be in Dallas two days after you get back to Texas!

World's largest Chest of Drawers

I don't know what you are complaining about "the limited amount of architecture" you were deprived of when we lived in Greensboro. That is why I am posting this.... To remind you that a mere 20 miles down the road in High Point you can find the largest chest of drawers. Which I also may remind you... I will get to stand in front of as of tomorrow.

That's right, I'm headed to the great land of furniture, for the International Home Furniture Fair, to set up our showroom in the IHFC. I do hope that I am going to get to see you! So.. while I am witnessing first hand, the brilliance of architecture the NC Triad has to offer... I too will be dreaming of far off lands like Valencia and my personal favorite Venice, for its ever-winding and confusing trails and fairy tale like architecture. Oh to be Carlo Scarpa. Famous Italian architect. But he was spot on in his interiors as well. The picture below is inside one of his museums in Venice. It was designed to accomodate the rising water of the canals and embrace it instead of letting it become its demise. The other photo is just a beaustiful image of Venice to leave you with.

oh and HAppy Friday!


So, I'm sure you remember how excited I was about Spain and traveling in general after the cruise I went on with my family last year. We went cruisin' throughout the mediterranean, making stops at every place wonderful- starting in Genoa, stopping in Malta, Tunisia / Carthage, Rome, Monaco, Milan, lots that I'm forgetting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY for my experience, Valenicia. After seeing that city, especially considering the limited architecture I had a chance to witness in person back in Greensboro, NC, I was more than convinced that someday I would / will live in Spain. I didn't understand the point of staying in the US when there was a slim chance I could live in a place with buildings like this... until reality set-in. (FOR NOW)

I wasn't very familiar with Santiago Calatrava, the architect responsible for most of the structures at Valencia's "City of Arts and Sciences," but after that trip I knew he was one that I should have already known more about. When I started looking at jobs I was looking for anything to get me to Spain- harder than I thought, especially if I were trying to stay within the design field, and ESPECIALLY not having any experience worth scoring me a position overseas. There's a lot involved in that, from visas & passports to employment to languages (my spanish is minimal to be polite) and everything in between. However, take a look at these photos- some of which are mine, some borrowed from another blog I was looking at today, and please just TRY to tell me that you aren't automatically hooked & waiting for me to tell you when we're moving... I think after looking through these images & looking into the city a bit more (famous for paella!), we'll be on the same page.


photo Ideas

I was sent this link to a website that gives ideas for all the millions of photos you have laying around. One particular favorite was the photo journal. The site gives you step by step directions to making this, check it out at PhotoJoJo.
Also, on that site I found the coolest photo gadget ever!! It is called a monsterpod. It is a "tripod" if you will, that attaches itself to ANY surface. And it is really small. Once attached you can rotate your camera to virtually any position... what copious amounts of possibilities. This is definitely on my wish list. You can buy it here.

packaging & print design

I think if I could go back to it, I probably wouldn't have majored in Interior Architecture. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do right now, and I loved getting here, but...maybe it's just a phase.

I would LOVE to get myself involved in print and packaging design. I'd of course have to work on my level of craft- even with models in i.arc, I was always struggling to put DOWN the hot-glue gun and try my patience with the real stuff... always dripping it everywhere... I was looking around and came across Tip Top Creative- specifically some of their packaging design. They have some really cool work in logos and print, but check out those boxes! So cool... reminds me of the same kind of designs that probably went into the Rice to Riches stuff... which makes me really want some of that rice pudding- especially the banana. Because we both know it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life to order that flavor.

Graphica, the firm I interned with while I was in school, did some work with packaging and print. Unfortunately, they didn't get a chance to do too much with this stuff while I was with them (a short semester), but looking at their website I was just as impressed with those pieces of their portfolio as I was with anything else. There was a designer there that was EXTREMELY talented while I was there- so great to bounce ideas off of, however, I heard he took a position in VA and left Graphica. I'm sure they're still doing great, though- tons of talent there.

None the less, while I loved the i.arc department, and more so the people I met there, I'm not satisfied. I love the environmental graphics side of it (for now), but I want more- I want more graphics, more web design, more packaging and print, more identity work, etc... Only problem with that: it's going to cost to go back to school, and it's going to take patience to learn it all and work my way into it professionally. Maybe in my next life?

PS: I just saw this and had to add it in: have you looked at Suzanne Buchanan's web-blog an open [sketch]book? She puts up sketches and drawings (almost daily) of whatever she sees- I've got to get better about carrying a sketchbook with me or at least improving those skills more. She drew this image of a box of soap she got from her mother-in-law (I think). These are the kinds of drawings she does in five minutes... I'm so jealous.


organic eating?

A few months ago I found Kate Walsh's dining table (on the left) in an article in O at Home. I have been totally in love with it ever since. Today was our last day on the photo shoot and the home owners had an equally awesome table (the one on the right). I think this is something I want to strive to emulate for when I have my own home. They are so cool and one of a kind. And to your post on reclaimed wood this could be a really cool way to use it!

Below are is a quick shot look at the house we have been at for the last two days. It was a festival of materials. My favorite is the Austin Limestone.The flooring in the kitchen is cork tiles. The fossils in the limestone are gorgeous. And those are the 2' gold fish I was telling you about.


I think it's only appropriate that something should be said today, in that it's the 6 year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and those alike. I thought about whether or not to even mention this- I can't really say anything to do the subject any justice- but after looking at some of the photos online of what kind of events took place to memorialize the event and those lost, it really seemed like any and all attention that can, should be paid towards the anniversary.

I feel like anytime this attack is brought up, a million people start reciting what they were doing that day (I was skipping class) and where they were when they found out (the senior lounge of our high school) and who they told first and whatnot... they talk about remembering the world stopping, all eyes on the t.v, etc... I guess that's a good thing- not to forget- but what got me today was the photos of the people who CAN'T forget- the people that seem to have been / still be connected to all of it... the plane crashes / WTC employees / firemen & policemen / those fighting the war connected to those events still today.

Here are some of the photos that hit me the hardest- in not attempt trying to provoke any comments, just trying to give it whatever I can.

a british memorial for the event & those lost:

the reflecting pool on the site of the world trade center:

the gates around the site of the WTC- weirdest part is knowing we were there 4 months ago:



Well I hardly know where to even begin with this post: sometimes it takes a little bit for even a weekend trip to set-in and for you to realize what you really took away from it. I just had a fantastic weekend with two favorites from the South, taking them home to the midwest to spend time with two favorites from the North. It was wonderful- I knew everyone would and has always gotten along just fine, but it was a seamless transition.

While we were there we did all of your typical goofy stuff- trying on some "interesting" clothes at Target, seeing Superbad (go see it), Dave & Busters, and lots of food. However, I was so thankful to have my camera with me as we drove all around Columbus because I was surprised again and again and again with the amount of art and culture in that city- this could be a long post.

This first image is an ad for a paint company in the city- rather than use a billboard or paint the side of a building and leave it at that, they went for the dramatic approach of painting the building, the parking lot, AND three of the cars in the parking lot- driving around a corner and seeing this was a trip. It is by far, one of the coolest and most effective ads I've ever seen.

Then, this last part is what I was most excited to show you: while we stumbled into the North Market- a farmer's market in downtown Columbus, there happened to be a ton of artists in a strip of parking using chalk pastels to leave a temporary expression of a design they apparently proposed. I'm not going to try to explain what these images are, except the last one: my favorite, by far- the message around the border reads:


I'm sorry I didn't catch a better photo of that- I was a little bit rushed for battery life and trying to get each image on the first shot. Take a look at these:


Domino Decorating Contest

I need your help. I want to enter the Domino Decorating contest. Here is my problem, I feel like i am not completely ready, and I don't know which room to choose. So, knowing that you have never been here before (although this will change VERY soon, I am excited) here are some pictures of my apartment. you can see larger ones on my Flickr photoset.

My thoughts are that I use my bedroom or Living room. My bedroom however needs some work, you see that large open space above the bed?? I don't know what to put there. I am having a dilemma. Then in my living room I don't have a great angle I can shoot the photo from so I would have to concentrate on one particular area. hmmm... thoughts?


museum Residence

We are bookin along on the photo shoot. We finished up a day early, meaning we won't have to work tomorrow... yipee!! now I can attend my cousin's 4-year old birthday party. yesss! two words: BOUNCE HOUSE.

The house we were in today was in Fort-Worth. You would have sworn you were in an art gallery though. There were Warhols and Rothkos littering the place. Crazy! not to mention all the iconic original furniture we studied in Patrick's class. Thank you Patrick for the chair cards.

These are a few pics of the house. And yes... all ORIGINAL artwork. and the back wall of windows, now that is my dream!

new office upfit

So, as I mentioned before, the office my firm is currently using is, and has always been known to be, somewhat make-shift while they shopped around / re-built an office for themselves in the city. Well, now they've found a space they / we REALLY like off 5th street, and it's time to work on the interiors. Yay!

Currently there's just a concrete subfloor, I think, but it's got these exposed brick walls and wood columns and an exposed rafter ceiling, skylights, and a really great feel inside. This firm, as opposed to my previous employer, actually CARES about sustainability- who knew?- and has been asking me for my input in that sense, especially in terms of flooring, to find a way we can afford to do something for Mother Earth.
We've looked at some reclaimed wood- GORGEOUS- here are three varieties. The darkest is alright... not my favorite...then the middle is by far my favorite option we've come up with across the board. It's taken from some old mills around here, so it's in the area- we're using a supplier in Southend- and I don't know what kind of mills it was taken from, but it's got years and years of oils soaked into it that bring out the colors that are so rich. It comes in these 6" wide planks, T&G, and is sealed to keep all of that character. I want that.
I was looking at some carpeting options because chances are, because of the cost of the wood, that we'd have to go half & half throughout the space. Have you seen Mohawk's encycle backing? It's their answer to getting their feet wet in sustainability- I haven't paid a lot of attention to the product, but I really like the website. check it out.

I'm having a little bit of trouble thinking outside the box- hopefully I'll know more after some research, but I'm REALLY sick of seeing bamboo, cork and rubber. We need something that won't make us look like a bunch of bark-eating tree-huggers, but that still doesn't make me lose sleep at night over killing the environment around me.

Suggestions? (ps: there's a lot of glass being used... can't wait till it's built and I can show you. Going to be GORGEOUS!)


I took this one outside of the whole foods last friday... the sun never seems to amaze me as the crazy light it can produce. Have fun in OHIO!