Shopping around...

I'm not sure if you saw, or if I showed you (rather) the calendar that I've got and am have been using since the spring- it's one of those leather zip-up situations by Franklin Covey, and while I love some of the aspects of it- being able to tuck a notepad in there, business card slots, etc... I'm bored. It was supposed to be this grown-up endeavor into the world of sleek planners, organizers, sketch-books, etc- it's not going well. I've been postponing ordering the refill pages to go into this planner for the 2008 year, hoping that I'll find something that I can work with- something fun, classy, dare-I-hope-for...PREPPY?? Well, this morning I definitely stumbled upon this little number by kate spade (I think she designed this for me, personally)- and I think I might make an investment.

The hard part is waiting until 2008 to put these into use! (Thanks to sfgirlbybay for taking me to poppytalk- hadn't seen that one! which took me to a morning of planner-hunting.) This planner has, what looks like, month-to-month pages and the weekly spreads, so plenty of room to write down all of my important engagements... and the t.v. shows I've got to remember to watch...

While I was looking at the website where this calendar was featured, I looked through the rest of some of their items for sale- some of it's kind of funky and cool. Also, in that we were JUST talking about cameras, this one isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it's kind of cool- this LOMO white colorsplash camera looks like it's got a color filter over the flash- you can choose between 13 colors- to change the flash on your shot... I wasn't quite sure what this meant, but look at this example- pretty cool.

Any other cool planners out there?? I need something fun, not too expensive, and with plenty of room to write.

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