well... kel, here is what is on my wishlist for this year. That is if I win the lottery.... or the country digs itself out of debt.
Yesterday I had a craft day with Ben and finished my christmas presents for my immediated family. We taught ourselves to screenprint... that's all I am saying (Covering #4 and #11 in one hit)

I would love something handmade myself but here are some other things too:

1: Wearstler: Modern Glamour
2: Tikoli kitchen towel, it is just so cute
3: Jonathan Adler's book
4: American Airlines giftcard... because I hate paying for my own travel but love to do it!
5: Tory Burch flats: because you can wear them everyday, and these are on sale
6: adorable, Amy Butler pincushion, because my tomato pincushion isn't cutting it anymore
7: I LOVE this dress from Lemonstory
8: Moleskin plain sketchbooks in these new very cool colors! I am partial to the lime greens
9: Because Paris is always inspiring. Paris 1962

But at the very top of my list... which I think I am buying for myself when the christmas sales go on.... a cruiser bike.



Since I'm starting my Thanksgiving today by driving home this afternoon, I figured it was okay to touch-base on Christmas just a bit. I'm curious - what's everyone asking for this year?? I started a list (besides peace on earth and a stable economy)... a few things might a little out-of-reach, but it's worth a shot, right?

1 : the (prior-mentioned) watch to replace the p.o.s. *someone* gave me :)
2 : love - LOVE - this print!
3 : is this ugly? because i kind of love it..
4 : same question - and i kind of love it, too..
5 : the casio elixim... i'm ready for a small, girly camera.
6 : to go next to my red 'keep calm and carry on' poster?
7 : kinda love these scarves a la target
8 : i really want a browns tshirt... especially a throw-back like this one!
9 : i need to get it together and start prepping for the LEED exam... aka, I need this reference guide. not so fun, but... eh..


TIME for change.

So, the watch that I got for Christmas almost two years ago finally quit. It was a silver-faced Fossil that told me the date...the time...provided a little bit of control, etc. Anyways, after a brief melt-down I started looking for a new one - no luck. Before that watch, I had the exact same model with a purple face... so I've basically had the same watch since Valentine's Day of freshman year in college - when I bought myself a 'girly' watch. Times are a'changin...

So, I've turned to the www to help :) My favs so far:
1) Lacoste ($195)
2) Burberry ($325)
3) Kenneth Cole ($85)
4) Kenneth Cole ($95) - my favorite! (for an everyday watch)
5) Lacoste ($165)
6) Citizen ($170)


feel good friday

photo of Blake's (TOMS) shoes via the selby

I want to introduce you to 2 companies that are interconnected but more importantly have a greater giving to their philosophy. Tom's shoes and Imagine Home. Tom's shoes has been around a while and the objective is brilliant, for every pair of shoes sold a pair of shoes is given away to a child in need.
Imagine Home has a little more of a coplicated story. Staci was a designer for some very rich people, she got a little fed up and took a sabatacle to Africa. Incidentally to travel with Tom's shoes for a "shoe drop". while she was there she found many troubled single mothers fighting poverty and disease but were just trying to get by with the goods they were making by hand.
Staci is out there with her new start up company Imagine Home to "take first world product designs and have impovershed people in artisan communiteies", awesome.
Go out there and in the spirit of Thanksgiving next week, do something that gives back.


berry pink

Lately I have gravitated towards everything pink... weird if you know me. but i looked around today after recieving my coat from Nordstrom that my mom got me. (thank you!!) and at my iphone case, also pink. and was a little shocked!

I went into Club Monaco and saw all of their delightful berry brights, then found this really cute necklace on etsy. lovely.

We'll see how long this girly phase lasts. But it sure is making me cheerful now!



taken from aditi's facebook

Aditi Amalean, a girl we know from I.arc just posted pictures from a wedding she was involved in - isn't this picture gorgeous???



My friend Melissa is having a little boy soon and I am helping her do a couple things to pull the room together for his arrival.

I found this really cool wall sticker via Ferm Living and thought that it could be easily reproduced old school style with a projector. Ill let you know how it goes.



It is rainy and chilly in Dallas today. I wish I were wearing this lux Missoni dress.

I may make this my uniform for fall... dress, tights, boots.... GO!

Little Black Dress.

that's me in the red, whitney in the darker red, and everyone else in black and white - i missed the memo. i want the black version of the hot pink dress (shown on elizabeth - lovely :)

the closest i've found - i think jessica mcclintock, jcrew, and bluefly.

This weekend was Whitney's engagement party (wedding to follow in January), and we headed up to Raleigh to mingle with her friends and family. It was so, so nice to see the girls, especially Whitney (and Luke).

It was cocktail attire - I ended up wearing Sara's red dress because I wasn't thrilled with anything I have / found. With an office Christmas dinner coming up, as well as the wedding in January, I've got my sights set on something really specific - I want a strapless, black taffeta dress. See the pink dress in the picture? I want that, but in black. Similar to the red one I've got on, and really similar to the examples I've found... however, I don't want it to cost me $200, and I want it to fit correctly.

Has anyone ever made something like that? Any advice? I think it might be my newest project.


flickr by color

Just saw this site on How About Orange - you can sort through images on Flickr based on a color, or several. As she said, not sure what this is actually useful for, but I think it's pretty sweet none the less. Say...if you were going for a scarlet and gray scheme? (go bucks!)

halloween party... a week late

It feels like a decade since last week, so many things happening! So I almost forgot to post Halloween pictures!!

This is Ben and my halloween costume. Richie and Margot from Royal Tenenbaums.

You can see the rest of the pictures on Flickr here.


sweet relief

find image and more great ones HERE

What a day in history!



because 537 votes have made the difference.


wanna lil more Blair?

I have been coveting a feathered headband like this since queen b rocked it a few weeks ago. They have versions at Urban Outfitters but none as beautiful as these from Shannon Nicole. You can win one if you go to shoppingsmycardio and enter the contest.

if I don't win this is definitely going on my christmas wishlist!