feel good friday

photo of Blake's (TOMS) shoes via the selby

I want to introduce you to 2 companies that are interconnected but more importantly have a greater giving to their philosophy. Tom's shoes and Imagine Home. Tom's shoes has been around a while and the objective is brilliant, for every pair of shoes sold a pair of shoes is given away to a child in need.
Imagine Home has a little more of a coplicated story. Staci was a designer for some very rich people, she got a little fed up and took a sabatacle to Africa. Incidentally to travel with Tom's shoes for a "shoe drop". while she was there she found many troubled single mothers fighting poverty and disease but were just trying to get by with the goods they were making by hand.
Staci is out there with her new start up company Imagine Home to "take first world product designs and have impovershed people in artisan communiteies", awesome.
Go out there and in the spirit of Thanksgiving next week, do something that gives back.

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