TIME for change.

So, the watch that I got for Christmas almost two years ago finally quit. It was a silver-faced Fossil that told me the date...the time...provided a little bit of control, etc. Anyways, after a brief melt-down I started looking for a new one - no luck. Before that watch, I had the exact same model with a purple face... so I've basically had the same watch since Valentine's Day of freshman year in college - when I bought myself a 'girly' watch. Times are a'changin...

So, I've turned to the www to help :) My favs so far:
1) Lacoste ($195)
2) Burberry ($325)
3) Kenneth Cole ($85)
4) Kenneth Cole ($95) - my favorite! (for an everyday watch)
5) Lacoste ($165)
6) Citizen ($170)

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