24 before 25

Erin told me to read her post and do my own - seemed like an easy task until I started it. Giving myself short-term goals is easy. There's no deadline. But giving myself until August 0f 2009 is tough. Trying to come up with goals that aren't all self-critical and instead are optimistically ambitious is even more difficult.

1 Lose the weight - I mean it. I'm down the majority of it already, but I've got 15 to go. I want it gone by Christmas, and maintained all through next year.
2 Run three times each week...outside...I'm too cheap to pay for a membership to the gym these days - for some reason I have a feeling I should be saving money (coughECONOMIC CRISIScough)
3 Learn football - not just the basics, but really learn it during this season and before next year's season starts.
4 Develop a wardrobe I'll wear.
5 Send gifts on time or early - especially to family.
6 Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles to a place I've never been.
7 Make a dress.
8 Make my bed each morning.
9 Vote, and learn enough about the candidate to defend my vote.
10 Write thank-you notes for each gift I receive.
11 Eat breakfast every morning and make coffee instead of buying it.
12 Participate in at least three runs.
13 Use the library for non-work related reading.
14 Throw a baby shower for my best friend, and try not to feel sick over the thought of someone my age reproducing.
15 Try new restaurants in Charlotte.
16 Go on a gallery crawl in NoDa.
17 Go for a run through Uptown.
18 Stop buying so many clothes.......(full price)
19 Spend more time outside.
20 Work on my LEED certification.
21 Keep photo albums up to date.
22 Re-paint my red credenza.
23 Figure out where to live next - locally or not.
24 Spend some time re-learning my old 35mm SLR, AND get the film developed.

Clearly I had to use my list of resolutions, as well... It was good to look back at the list now that we're in the last leg of the race for 2008, see what I've accomplished and what I need to put more effort into. Lets see how this list goes!

24 before 25

image via flickr

With motivation from Joslyn... I made a list of 24 things to do before 25.
And seeing as I only have about 2 months and a couple weeks, my list may be a little ambitious. But shoot for the stars right?

1. Hem and hang curtains for the bedroom
2. Learn to make a gourmet meal like my friend Lindsy.
3. Work up stamina to run 3 miles without walking
4. Try a printing project from Lena Corwin’s book. [maybe on the curtains I am going to hem and hang]
5. Write thank you notes to any teacher that has affected me later in life in ways that I didn’t appreciate then.
6. learn a new dance
7. make a batch of wine at swirll
8. throw at least 3 dinner parties
9. Go skydiving!!
10. co-host a Halloween party with a fog machine
11. Buy all Christmas presents before my birthday
12. send flowers to someone for no reason
13. Learn to bake… anything really… from scratch!
14. Read 10 books… any suggestions?
15. Finish reading the 2 books I am onto now.
16. borrow movies from the library instead of blockbuster
17. Buy a ticket to Japan
18. Save money to go to Japan
19. Copy Joslyn and buy a bike
20. and take a Sunday bike ride
21. overcome my fear of ducks and go feed them at the pond
22. Finish hanging things in my new apt.
23. Paint
24. Go to the Dallas Arboretum.

And as a side note I was thinking about my "list" I made when I was 15 of things to do before 25. One of those things was to go to all 7 continents, I have taken the liberty of pushing that goal back to 30... or maybe 35.

Also to recall my resolutions from this year... I transferred a few to this list. Fair right?


jumping on the bandwagon

and while we are on the subject of color range, I joined the trend of color coordinating Ben and my books. This is about the only thing I am ready to show in the new apt. everything is here! yay! but it is going to take a bit to get it all in order.

ps... has anyone seen cute/cheap barstools? I am on the hunt.
pps.... I got the kitchen rugs from Urban Outfitters.


Color Test

I just saw this color test on the Dwell Blog and took five minutes to take it. I scored a 4 - 0 is perfect. I'm curious as to what other people score... I'm not going to lie - my eyes were burning by the time I was done with this.


B and I are moving in together this weekend!

the picture isn't us.... but isn't the room cool?!?! via The Selby (cheri messerli and david rager)


GOOP... yes please

I have a feeling this one is going to be good. GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow's life guide.

quirky..check, clean pretty graphics...check, taste...check.

We'll see.


and speaking of gray

These boots are what I got last weekend to satisfy my gray craving. Not as preppy, pretty as your outfit kelley, but will definitely bring me back to my Manchester days of when I learned tucking the jeans into the boots was comfy and stylish!

For anyone going to try this trend this fall, my very clever british friends (Lucie and Natalie) taught me to tuck the bottoms of your jeans in your socks for optimum jean smoothness in going down into the boots.

'hello yellow'

The grey + yellow craze continues - I want everything about this outfit. Especially the necklace.

'bold gold'

Unfortunately, erin, you won't be in town to celebrate homecoming at our booming-sports-crazed alma mater this weekend - please note quite a bit of sarcasm in that sentence. In four and a half years at uncg, I attended one sporting event - with a liberal background, we aren't lucky enough to have a football team.. but we've got a strong dance program :)

Anyways, weather's getting chillier, so what's a girl to wear?? It's an all-day event of reuniting with everyone - alumnae and current people alike. Morning to evening wear? There's potential for a change of attire at night, but still... during the day... cute, but warm - adult but fun? Tricky.

I tend to be on the conservative side - this is the plan this year : I just bought this "frock" from American Apparel - it actually isn't as long as they show and kind of bunches up, especially with these pockets, so I'm wearing it as a shirt with some cute jeans :) Plus, it's only available in size medium, which I'm new to wearing after the weight-loss, so it's still not as baggy as they've shown on the model... crazy, hmm? In light of the blue and white stripe and the boat-neck (sailing, anyone?) I'm thinking chunky gold jewelry - which is where I've fallen in love with the bracelet shown from JCrew. Of course.


yummy cold treat!

I was inspired and a little jealous last week when so many people posted about Fresher Than Fresh herbal snowcones. Planning my next trip to Kansas City to track down that super cute trailer.

So, you can only imagine how excited I was when I came upon the Savoy Sorbet stand at the Dallas Farmer's market on Saturday. She had Lavender and Apple Mint, Lime Thyme and Rosemary Lime chablis. So until I can get to Kansas City this delicious sorbet is perfectly brilliant to me!! I'll be heading back to the Farmer's market every saturday I can!


random guy... we salute you!

We went to Oktoberfest in Addison last night. This guy is the ramdom merrymaker that we ran into with... yes... a cowboy boot shaped glass. (only in Texas)

But besides all the beer, brats, legendary skillet potatoes, and lederhosen, there were rides... yes my friends rides! Because nothing says intelligent choice like putting drunk people on an upside down ship ride. Don't get me wrong... I got on the swings because they are my favorite. these were some of the best, i must admit.

So get outside this weekend! If you are in Dallas, check out the Oktoberfest. Or maybe the Plano Balloon festival is more your speed or I do believe it is opening weekend for the fair.


Flights are Booked for UK09!

I'm taking a trip next summer with my two sisters, Meagen and Erin, to the UK - basically celebrating Erin's graduation from high school. When Meagen and I graduated (6 years ago... yikes) we went on a trip with our cousins to Europe for a couple weeks, and Erin chose to stick to the islands :) - I'm in full support.

We leave out of Cleveland on July 29th for DUBLIN to stay in the Isaacs Hostel that my little sister chose - please, please, please check this place out - I can't even put into words how excited these photos made me. From there, here's the brief itinerary:

7/29: dublin
7/30: dublin
7/31: dublin
8/1 : dublin
8/2 : london
8/3 : london
8/4 : manchester
8/5 : manchester
8/6 : glasgow (Meagen and I will be turning 25 in scotland!!)
8/7 : glasgow
8/8 : edinburgh
8/9 : fly back to Charlotte

At that point, I'm guessing I'll probably be planning how to get back over there for good. Be prepared - I love traveling, but I'm terrible with the post-travel depression.

Edison Chandelier

I know Design*Sponge just covered this, but I love the Edison Chandelier from Pottery Barn. I can't say I'd be willing to pay $399 for it, but it couldn't be that hard to replicate, right? I think it could be wonderful above a fancy dining table? Or in a studio? A girl can dream...



Ben and I went to see Ratatat at the Granada last night. It was a pretty good concert, lots of super cool 'scene kids' my brothers would have loved it!

Anyway, I used my phone to take a picture of the front of the Theatre and it did this weird split screen thing. I didn't notice last night. I just took it and moved on, but I actually LOVE it. The accident turned out better than i could have planned. so fun when that happens.


kitchen rugs

I am on the hunt for some new Kitchen rugs... sorry mom, but it is time to move on. The new place we are moving in has wood (pergo) floors so maybe this is a chance to spice things up a bit.

Here are a few that I found:

and one from anthro

any thoughts?


Split Personalities in Design

I seem to have an ever-changing aesthetic - I think it's starting to feel kind of like a personality disorder in decor. In my last apartment, I did a lot with the red and white thing, with a few accents of black. It was really clean, sharp and no-frills.

Then I moved into this place and bought the girliest curtains I think I could find - extra long, draping, mustard-colored curtains with a white floral design. They set the tone for this one.

It's not much to write home about, but it's home - here are pictures of my current (and ever humble) abode!

the light usually comes in on my side in the evenings, but you'd be hard-pressed to sleep-in without a fight against that morning sunshine.

these are my three favorite pictures of my three favorites - my little sister in Tunisia, I think, my twin sister in NC as Marilyn, and Jane, the first day we met. The bedding is from EQ3 (and Target, I think) and is probably on it's last leg of the race..

basically standing at my bathroom door looking across the room (the desk would be just out of the frame on the left) - this window and these curtains really are my favorite part in the room, I think.

my 'vanity' - an art deco desk, in serious need of re-finishing, that my mom bought off of craigslist for $40. the details are great, and someday they'll shine :)

see what i mean about split personalities? one side of the bed has a matching nightstand. one side has an old coffee table that I rehab'd into an ottoman, that now serves as a 'desk' / nightstand. I need to make a decision.


barcelona anyone?

I saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona on sunday.... besides renewing my want (need) to go to Barcelona it was a truly fascinating, thought-provoking, lovely movie.

The cinematography was incredible, "very golden" as my friend Lindsy described it. The thing is, i could begin to describe the plot of the movie but the truth is it sounds sleazy until you go and see it for yourself. A story of adventure and Love... go see it this weekend, seriously. and Javier Bardem is hot... need I say more (and the actresses too... if you are into that.)


Love + Obama

First of all, I agree with erin on the previous post - I love the approach Obama's supporters have taken to help earn him the presidency. However, and please forgive me for saying this if it seems sacrilegious, but I'm a little concerned on a McCain-kinda level that it's becoming more about the celebrity / graphic / marketing side of Obama than about his history in politics and plans for the future. Either way, I love the print from The Scoop, I just hope that throughout the debates they start to balance it out more - the U.S. isn't full of JUST young people :)

On another note, I've been stalking wedding photographers' blogs again this morning... It's pictures like these, from DrewB, that make me so anxious to find that person. I think that's the trick - it's not that I'm envious of their clothes, the setting, or the photo shoot in general, but of the connection between them - probably one of the toughest things to capture in a series of photos. Love them!


make mine...

I have become ADDICTED to this presidential campaign. I have listened to both sides... for research of course, and the more and more I hear from each side the more I know that Barack Obama is the right choice for this nation. So.... I was very excited to see this on The Scoop.

From The Scoop and Sidedown for Obama:

Whether you've already decided that Barack Obama is definitely your candidate, or maybe you're still undecided - here's a way to contribute to the campaign & receive a piece of art that (beautifully) gets your point across to others.

For us, this election is about our right as American citizens to choice. We want to live in a country that accepts its people... ALL of them. A country that believes in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence as they pertain to the freedom of all who reside here, and that does not discriminate against its citizens on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious creed, social status, or station.
We do not believe this is a matter of Democrat vs. Republican. When Abraham Lincoln became our first Republican president, he redefined the way our nation saw itself, and reshaped what it meant to be "an American". If one lawyer, Illinois statesman, and member of Congress can do as much for the country as he did, we'd like to see what a second one can do.
Both candidates will tell you that in November, you have a choice to make. Only one of them would allow you to make choices after the election is over. That's why you should tell them to "Make Mine Barack".
- Sidedown for Obama



The very last thing in the world I need right now is a new bag. but isn't this Orla pretty? i love the white... even for fall.