Split Personalities in Design

I seem to have an ever-changing aesthetic - I think it's starting to feel kind of like a personality disorder in decor. In my last apartment, I did a lot with the red and white thing, with a few accents of black. It was really clean, sharp and no-frills.

Then I moved into this place and bought the girliest curtains I think I could find - extra long, draping, mustard-colored curtains with a white floral design. They set the tone for this one.

It's not much to write home about, but it's home - here are pictures of my current (and ever humble) abode!

the light usually comes in on my side in the evenings, but you'd be hard-pressed to sleep-in without a fight against that morning sunshine.

these are my three favorite pictures of my three favorites - my little sister in Tunisia, I think, my twin sister in NC as Marilyn, and Jane, the first day we met. The bedding is from EQ3 (and Target, I think) and is probably on it's last leg of the race..

basically standing at my bathroom door looking across the room (the desk would be just out of the frame on the left) - this window and these curtains really are my favorite part in the room, I think.

my 'vanity' - an art deco desk, in serious need of re-finishing, that my mom bought off of craigslist for $40. the details are great, and someday they'll shine :)

see what i mean about split personalities? one side of the bed has a matching nightstand. one side has an old coffee table that I rehab'd into an ottoman, that now serves as a 'desk' / nightstand. I need to make a decision.


traphic signs said...

so pretty!!! what is that grey color on the walls?

and where did you find the laser cut mats on our dresser?

traphic signs said...


traphic signs said...

thanks! It's pretty relaxing - someday I'll have some time to actually relax in there...

The paint color is SW 6262 ("Mysterious Mauve") - depending on the light, sometimes it looks like all-grey, and sometimes it looks like a distinct purple - it's the weirdest color I've ever used!

The laser-cut mats are from EQ3, but I'm not sure if they still carry them - I bought them about a year ago, and they just happened to match the curtains (clearance! from anthropologie) beautifully!

suzanne said...

I love your space Kelley! Looks so inviting and restful. It's funny that you should say your gray paint turns purple in some light. I had the same issue at my old apartment and from what I hear Megan's gray dining room does the same thing as well...