Nikki + Seth

It's fairly obvious that I stalk wedding blogs, both wedding design + photography, despite the dangerously-far distance I've got before my marriage (part of which includes finding someone TO marry). That said, it's like a movie - it happens, but not to anyone I know... except Katie, but she'd been engaged for 4 years before the wedding and almost 6 months before we got to know each other, so it never really sank-in.

This changed today when Nikki (from i.arc) sent me the link to the dress she'll be wearing on June 7th when she weds Seth, in her grandfather's yard (how cute!!!), and the jacket he'll be wearing, as well. It's like when your friend has a baby- suddenly your group and age range becomes one of them..instead of just the token girl who takes the first leap in that direction (Katie). This girl is totally laid-back and relaxed, so it's completely appropriate that she'd have a gorgeously laid-back and simple dress (courtesy of JCrew) and he'd have a matching seersucker jacket - it's that simple-casual-preppy look that goes so well with a small family wedding. I'm so happy that she's staying true to herself through all of the excitement and tendencies to go overboard that come with planning / hosting a wedding.


Sorry I've been missing in action- I've been totally overwhelmed with this puppy and the exhausting similarities she carries to a newborn baby... getting up at night, "changing diapers" (aka: house-training + cleaning up mistakes), all of the whining, attention needed, feedings, worrying about a parasite, medications, vet appointments, etc... I'm totally worn-out, but having my family in town for Memorial Day Weekend was the best break I could've asked for. I was definitely heart-broken when they left Monday morning...

my twin sister, meagen, getting to know (love) jane at the park

we took jane swimming for the first time- the "doggie paddle" was too cute for words!

Anyways, while glancing through blogs this morning I came across this wedding from notes from the road. It generally isn't really my style- more lace / details / girly accents then I'd probably pick for myself, but it looks perfect none the less and makes me re-think my dream wedding just a bit. Fortunately, I've got more than enough time to get things figured out, and should probably focus my efforts towards dating for the time-being.

I just LOVE how this cake echoes the style of the dress so well!


back in the USA (denmark-england part 1)

I have returned from my trip and it was a BLAST. i really had fun bouncing around London, Copenhagen and Aarhus with the boys. i took over 560 pictures so you can only imagine, that's what i'll be posting on for a while.
So anyway, I will start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). first was England. one really cool thing we noticed was the art down in the tube (underground) stations. There were some abstract installations, and then some were real ornate tile situations. Here are a few photos of that.



I promise this won't turn into a dog-blog... just wanted to put-up one photo of my little girl now that she's home.

It has DEFINITELY been a handful- the puppy that seemed so laid-back is still just a baby and is very easily spooked. Around me + Maggie she's easy-going, fun, loves to play, and sleeps a lot. Around new people / experiences, she's timid and shaky. It's about as close as I want to come to raising a child..

But... she is definitely adorable :) Makes it all that much easier!


travel bottles

I am leaving tomorrow on vaca! whooo who. I am so excited. I am meeting up with one brother and a friend in London then on to Copenhagen to meet the other brother.

I packed on sunday because I was sooo excited. If I had thought about it ahead of time I would have ordered these groovy silicone bottles for traveling. There is nothing worse than using crappy shampoo. Maybe I'll order these for later. It's not like I wont be traveling again soon!! (well not for fun anyway).


down to the wire!

not only do i have a MASSIVE deadline this friday, but I'm also getting ready to bring home a puppy on saturday! this week is going to be a test- one of the most difficult weeks to concentrate, and one of the most crucial weeks for getting the job done.

saturday morning rowland and I are headed to virginia to pick-up the puppy- a beautiful baby yellow lab :) stay tuned for photos!


PreFab Now

Better Living through Design is always pretty interestting. This book is appealing to me because I am slightly obsessed with prefab houses. This one is goin on the wish list.


snowshow '04

I'm looking around for photos / examples of text carved into paving for a project we're working on and some reference imagery, and I keep thinking back to the project from the 2004 snowshow exhibit in kemi, finland- "pure mix" by john roloff + diller & scofidio.

these were squares carved out of the gulf of bothnia (an inlet of the baltic sea) and filled with a strip of LED lights + a brand of purified water. then the respective logos were carved into each square + lit from beneath- it was awesome. you can tell from the earlier progress photo that all of the lights were the same hue when they were originally placed, but as they reacted to the extreme cold they kind of "aged" differently- it was just another part of the installation... made it even more impressive.

that's one of those things I will never forget- sitting ON the baltic sea with other volunteers from all around the world, looking at those lit from within, watching the sunset and pretty-much forgetting about the sub-zero temperatures of a winter ON the arctic circle.

photo credits: the snow show

designer's prayer

one of my coworkers just sent this my way- not sure where he found it, but enjoy :)


how does your garden grow?

I was talking to my mom the other day and she said that for mother's day she would like someone to help her plant her garden. Then I got to thinking about my rut of an outside patio. This is a place that my mom has actually spent alot of time in when she is visiting me (and helped me put the patio part together). And since I can't go to NC for mother's day I wanted to redo my garden, so maybe she can get more enjoyment out of it when she is here. Maybe I will make it more enjoyable and use it too. I have always wanted some herbs.

Now I don't even know where to start and since it is a rental I am skeptical as to invest to much time and money out there. Maybe a modular solution I can take with me? I was looking through a few websites and found this one based out of the UK that does beautiful work. Modular Garden, and although this is not anything close to what I am capable of at this point in time.... I am bookmarking it away for a later date. glorious huh?


cinco de mayo!

not only is today (and will always forever be) cinco de mayo, anniversary of mexico's independence, but it is ALSO the anniversary of katie + eric's wedding! today they're celebrating their one year- can't believe it's already been that long!

so on that note, grab yourself a margarita and toast to mexico, katie + eric!


US Campaign for Burma

If you've ever looked at Keeping Up With MK you might have seen that MK, as well as being an amazing photographer, is also an activist for the US Campaign for Burma. As she recently posted, they've released a new campaign, so far involving some short videos with celebrities. This one is great- a good message that gets your attention with some humor + a familiar face.