Sorry I've been missing in action- I've been totally overwhelmed with this puppy and the exhausting similarities she carries to a newborn baby... getting up at night, "changing diapers" (aka: house-training + cleaning up mistakes), all of the whining, attention needed, feedings, worrying about a parasite, medications, vet appointments, etc... I'm totally worn-out, but having my family in town for Memorial Day Weekend was the best break I could've asked for. I was definitely heart-broken when they left Monday morning...

my twin sister, meagen, getting to know (love) jane at the park

we took jane swimming for the first time- the "doggie paddle" was too cute for words!

Anyways, while glancing through blogs this morning I came across this wedding from notes from the road. It generally isn't really my style- more lace / details / girly accents then I'd probably pick for myself, but it looks perfect none the less and makes me re-think my dream wedding just a bit. Fortunately, I've got more than enough time to get things figured out, and should probably focus my efforts towards dating for the time-being.

I just LOVE how this cake echoes the style of the dress so well!

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that's my bride!