Nikki + Seth

It's fairly obvious that I stalk wedding blogs, both wedding design + photography, despite the dangerously-far distance I've got before my marriage (part of which includes finding someone TO marry). That said, it's like a movie - it happens, but not to anyone I know... except Katie, but she'd been engaged for 4 years before the wedding and almost 6 months before we got to know each other, so it never really sank-in.

This changed today when Nikki (from i.arc) sent me the link to the dress she'll be wearing on June 7th when she weds Seth, in her grandfather's yard (how cute!!!), and the jacket he'll be wearing, as well. It's like when your friend has a baby- suddenly your group and age range becomes one of them..instead of just the token girl who takes the first leap in that direction (Katie). This girl is totally laid-back and relaxed, so it's completely appropriate that she'd have a gorgeously laid-back and simple dress (courtesy of JCrew) and he'd have a matching seersucker jacket - it's that simple-casual-preppy look that goes so well with a small family wedding. I'm so happy that she's staying true to herself through all of the excitement and tendencies to go overboard that come with planning / hosting a wedding.

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