ABC carpet and home

ok, so if you have been to this legandary place you know about the 6++ floors of brilliance in the two buildings. You also know that there is a lovely merchandising scheme that keeps you discovering new things around every corner. You are aware of the groovy merchandise from all over the world. But mostly you are wondering when you finally found this glorious land of things for home.... why you had never been there before?

This was the thought in my head as I went to ABC carpet and home while I was in NY. I felt like I was a kid in a grown up candy shop (substitute candy for lovely home and crafty goods and a few pieces of clothing as well!) And there is a kids section too... I am sure they would be just as delighted.

I floated from floor to floor and if I were rich with a place to put anything at all it all would have come home with me... or better yet I would have just moved in. but alas, I brought home a pretty cool wood-cut stamp to try out some new printing ideas from Lena Corwin's book that Ben picked up. How fab is that gieant bowl I dug through to find the perfect one.



In a list of 30+ blogs / sites I look at in the mornings (stalling? broadening my horizons? waking up with some help from some creative people?), I looked through the photos on Bluejake - a NYC photo blog - and came across this photo of some cool graffiti... I love the graphic arrow on the wall - it's the kind of graffiti I referenced during my last semester in Iarc doing my thesis project on a downtown public art museum that used different types of graffiti / street art as wayfinding.

On another note, as much as I (gulp) dislike NYC - I'm way too self-conscious to spend very much time in a city full of beautiful, successful people with attitude - I've walked past the Apple Store on 14th a few times and never gone in. This photo makes me regret that in a pretty big way... next time I'm definitely going take a moment to stop and smell the iPods a la NYC.

And one last photo from their site - this is one of a few of the Glenwood Power Station in Yonkers. I think one of the best attributes to our generation is that we're able to look at the potential in things. I think 8 out of 10 people in our age bracket would look at this building and drop their jaw at how beautiful it is and, furthermore, could be. Appreciating the industrial, raw-edged, straight to the point and rehabilitated aspects of a building both for residential and commercial re-uses seems to be one of the trendy trademarks to our generation - something I hope to get in-on soon...

i'm back!

My apologies for the extended hiatus on posts out of Charlotte - I've been distracted by all of the right and wrong things, but that's life, right?

In checking-back in with the blogging world, I've missed a couple great weddings, in terms of photography. Just came across this one from Mary Kate McKenna- I love the details! I love the style of his suit, and the fact that it is gray, and I love that both of them have this vintage-modern appeal that is totally emphasized by the purple tie and yellow flowers! For whatever reason, the people and the clothing seem a little dated (in a good way) and the style of those yellow flowers with the pop of purple give it that great contemporary flare :) I might be way-off on this one, but I love it none the less.

* PS: check out their rings from Etsy!

On another note, Braedon posted some photos from an all-white wedding he did with Jessica Claire. Both are amazing photographers, which I think was probably pretty helpful to pull-off this kind of wedding. I guess this is one instance where it's okay to where white as a guest to the wedding :) I love it - I hope that someday I can take such an idea so simple and clean and use it in my kind of wedding. Keep the focus (from the beginning) on keeping things minimal, and just go with it. Love it!


[the mercer] kitchen

While I am on the subject of restaurants in NYC, I have to talk about our lunch at [the mercer]Kitchen. First of all the space was incredibly lovely. It was underground but the glass lights from the sidewalk above filtered in the most wonderful midday light. The colors were slightly subdued except the pops of purple grey booths and the orange menu. But the exposed brick and upside down umbrellas were just cool.
Then there was the food, and the presentation. If you like the process of eating (which lets be honest, I love it!) then you will love this place. I got the tomato soup which sounds ordinary but they pour it over lightly grilled sourdough with Parmesan cheese at your table. Delightful.

conveyor belt sushi

The restaurant, conveyor belt in the middle booths surround it
Probably one of the coolest concepts ever! I just got back from NYC and got to do the conveyor belt experience with my brothers who as luck would have it were in town too!

The conveyor belt
Mark (our traveling buddy from Denmark) also happened to Live in Japan for a while and now lives outside NYC so he was the conessieur to take us on the adventure.

Basically the premise is that you sit in a booth (or at the bar) and a conveyor belt circles around with colored plates of 2-4 pieces of sushi on each one. You grab a plate as it passes by you and then are charged by the color of plate that you choose. nothing is really labeled so you kinda have to go on what looks good but is a great way to try new things.... like sea urchin... but that is a whole other story.

our plates at the end

Apparently they have karaoke booths upstairs too... if you are into that. ;)


Fauna Rose Clevell

Craft project!! I was in a bit of a crafty mood yesterday and after getting a little inspiration from the artist in Austin I decided to enlist my little cousin Audrey in spreading the crafty disease.
2 weekends ago Audrey came over and we had a date at Chuy's. while we were there, Audrey drew this rad unicorn on the back of her menu. I decided to make a zany stuffed animal modeled after Audrey's drawing. As seen above.
So armed with my sewing machine, a little ribbon, some felt and googly eyes I headed over to the Taylor household ready to make this unicorn. Audrey redrew the body and head on felt before i cut it out. she even gave the horns ribs... pretty cute.

Audrey dubbed the goofy looking unicorn: Fauna Rose Clevell. If you attemp to try something like this be wary of the very skinny time consuming legs! my reccomendation is to make them shorter. :)

BBQ & Hey Cupcake!

Saturday we took an last minute trip to Austin/Lockhart for some BBQ at our friends favorite BBQ joint Smitty's. And man it was yummy. Aside from the good eating, the signs and original weights and decor added to the charm, then you walk out back and see the ginormous wood pile. It was pretty incredible.
Then we headed into Austin and hung out on South Congress for a little while. Bought a few goodies from Parts & Labour, Uncommon Objects and Lucy in Disguise. The icing on the [cupcake] was our visit to Hey Cupcake! across the street. Now if you haven't been there you have to check it out because once again aside from its general grooviness of being in an Airstream with giant rotating cupcake on top, they have the most delicious red velvet cupcakes. (i hear the other flavors are just as delightful) ... and they will give you a shot of whip cream inside the cupcake for FREE if you are so inclined.


The nest... and happy friday!

image from nbc.com (games start at 7.30-6.30 tonight)

08.08.08.... prosperity as the Chinese say.

I am so psyched about the games tonight. (despite human rights issues I am not so happy about). But you have to admit, although there are farmer's without water so that China can look good.... China looks good. The nest (main stadium) in particular is pretty RAD.


image from nbc.com


for kel...

image via martha stewart

I hope it is a great day!!

**sorry, i know you wanted to keep it low key. love you!**

cycle obsession

ok, so I am on a bit of a bicycle hunt/obsession (after returning from Denmark), scouring the likes of ebay, craigslist and multiple bike stores to find the perfect (albeit affordable) bicycle. I'll let you know how that turns out.

In the meantime, I have found not only a super Rad website devoted to scandinavian design here in the US, its called Scandinavian Grace, but I also found the most lovely, perfect, awesome bike basket on their site.



100++ degrees!!

Go for a swim this weekend... it is HOT! or stay inside and check out Brigitte Sire photography portfolio.