In a list of 30+ blogs / sites I look at in the mornings (stalling? broadening my horizons? waking up with some help from some creative people?), I looked through the photos on Bluejake - a NYC photo blog - and came across this photo of some cool graffiti... I love the graphic arrow on the wall - it's the kind of graffiti I referenced during my last semester in Iarc doing my thesis project on a downtown public art museum that used different types of graffiti / street art as wayfinding.

On another note, as much as I (gulp) dislike NYC - I'm way too self-conscious to spend very much time in a city full of beautiful, successful people with attitude - I've walked past the Apple Store on 14th a few times and never gone in. This photo makes me regret that in a pretty big way... next time I'm definitely going take a moment to stop and smell the iPods a la NYC.

And one last photo from their site - this is one of a few of the Glenwood Power Station in Yonkers. I think one of the best attributes to our generation is that we're able to look at the potential in things. I think 8 out of 10 people in our age bracket would look at this building and drop their jaw at how beautiful it is and, furthermore, could be. Appreciating the industrial, raw-edged, straight to the point and rehabilitated aspects of a building both for residential and commercial re-uses seems to be one of the trendy trademarks to our generation - something I hope to get in-on soon...

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Rina said...

wow great post! I loved that graffiti! I made a post a while ago about graffiti and stencil, we have a lot in Buenos Aires and Chile. your thesis is about this? tell me more about it, it´s a very interesting subject!