i'm back!

My apologies for the extended hiatus on posts out of Charlotte - I've been distracted by all of the right and wrong things, but that's life, right?

In checking-back in with the blogging world, I've missed a couple great weddings, in terms of photography. Just came across this one from Mary Kate McKenna- I love the details! I love the style of his suit, and the fact that it is gray, and I love that both of them have this vintage-modern appeal that is totally emphasized by the purple tie and yellow flowers! For whatever reason, the people and the clothing seem a little dated (in a good way) and the style of those yellow flowers with the pop of purple give it that great contemporary flare :) I might be way-off on this one, but I love it none the less.

* PS: check out their rings from Etsy!

On another note, Braedon posted some photos from an all-white wedding he did with Jessica Claire. Both are amazing photographers, which I think was probably pretty helpful to pull-off this kind of wedding. I guess this is one instance where it's okay to where white as a guest to the wedding :) I love it - I hope that someday I can take such an idea so simple and clean and use it in my kind of wedding. Keep the focus (from the beginning) on keeping things minimal, and just go with it. Love it!

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