conveyor belt sushi

The restaurant, conveyor belt in the middle booths surround it
Probably one of the coolest concepts ever! I just got back from NYC and got to do the conveyor belt experience with my brothers who as luck would have it were in town too!

The conveyor belt
Mark (our traveling buddy from Denmark) also happened to Live in Japan for a while and now lives outside NYC so he was the conessieur to take us on the adventure.

Basically the premise is that you sit in a booth (or at the bar) and a conveyor belt circles around with colored plates of 2-4 pieces of sushi on each one. You grab a plate as it passes by you and then are charged by the color of plate that you choose. nothing is really labeled so you kinda have to go on what looks good but is a great way to try new things.... like sea urchin... but that is a whole other story.

our plates at the end

Apparently they have karaoke booths upstairs too... if you are into that. ;)

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CC said...

Love the sushi conveyor belt thing! Sort of fun! There's one here in Dallas on Preston, only you pay $15 for kind of an all you can eat type of thing...it's really good, i definitely recommend it!