Fauna Rose Clevell

Craft project!! I was in a bit of a crafty mood yesterday and after getting a little inspiration from the artist in Austin I decided to enlist my little cousin Audrey in spreading the crafty disease.
2 weekends ago Audrey came over and we had a date at Chuy's. while we were there, Audrey drew this rad unicorn on the back of her menu. I decided to make a zany stuffed animal modeled after Audrey's drawing. As seen above.
So armed with my sewing machine, a little ribbon, some felt and googly eyes I headed over to the Taylor household ready to make this unicorn. Audrey redrew the body and head on felt before i cut it out. she even gave the horns ribs... pretty cute.

Audrey dubbed the goofy looking unicorn: Fauna Rose Clevell. If you attemp to try something like this be wary of the very skinny time consuming legs! my reccomendation is to make them shorter. :)


Joslyn said...

this was so rockin fun E!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Yeah, those legs look tough!! Erin S.

suzanne said...

This is too good Erin! I love it. Oh, and the long legs...totally worth the effort!

Lizette said...

This is right up my alley. It came out great.