how does your garden grow?

I was talking to my mom the other day and she said that for mother's day she would like someone to help her plant her garden. Then I got to thinking about my rut of an outside patio. This is a place that my mom has actually spent alot of time in when she is visiting me (and helped me put the patio part together). And since I can't go to NC for mother's day I wanted to redo my garden, so maybe she can get more enjoyment out of it when she is here. Maybe I will make it more enjoyable and use it too. I have always wanted some herbs.

Now I don't even know where to start and since it is a rental I am skeptical as to invest to much time and money out there. Maybe a modular solution I can take with me? I was looking through a few websites and found this one based out of the UK that does beautiful work. Modular Garden, and although this is not anything close to what I am capable of at this point in time.... I am bookmarking it away for a later date. glorious huh?


Gabe said...

Hey Erin,

Haven't checked the blog in a while. Diggin the new flag image!
Good luck with the gardening!

CC said...

You do have an awesome patio/garden space! My suggestion is to set up a little seating area, maybe get a chimenea (sp?), or portable fire pit thing, get some great walking stone path type things, and plants in pots and course you should string up some fun lights. You can take all of that with you when you move! You should also plant a tiny garden. You've definitely got the space!