down to the wire!

not only do i have a MASSIVE deadline this friday, but I'm also getting ready to bring home a puppy on saturday! this week is going to be a test- one of the most difficult weeks to concentrate, and one of the most crucial weeks for getting the job done.

saturday morning rowland and I are headed to virginia to pick-up the puppy- a beautiful baby yellow lab :) stay tuned for photos!


traphic signs said...

This is the second time this has come up, so I'll address it:

I started planning on getting a dog about nine months ago- not having had the best of luck with commitment to pets in the past, I knew I had to plan WAY ahead and do it by the book to get it right.

I understand that there are tons of labs to be rescued, and I do look forward to doing something like that a little bit later in life, but for now, I went with the "safer" approach. I want(ed) to know EXACTLY what I'm getting- this is a huge step for me, so any fewer surprises would be best. I know the bloodlines she comes from- the sizes, demeanors, and health histories for her parents; I know the family that she was "born in to"- the breeder, who is a really great older gentleman out of Southern Virginia, and I know for a fact that I'm not contributing to the "puppy mill" industry- breeding isn't this guy's career... and he rarely breeds his labs.

Either way, it IS my prerogative to handle this as I think I'll handle it the best- it's not an impulsive decision I'll regret in three years, giving the dog BACK to a rescue site, and while I might not be saving one dog from a shelter, I'm also not contributing to the growing population of shelter dogs, either.

Rina said...

Have a dog is the best thing in the world, they bring so much joy and happines to life. Congratulations for this!