Flights are Booked for UK09!

I'm taking a trip next summer with my two sisters, Meagen and Erin, to the UK - basically celebrating Erin's graduation from high school. When Meagen and I graduated (6 years ago... yikes) we went on a trip with our cousins to Europe for a couple weeks, and Erin chose to stick to the islands :) - I'm in full support.

We leave out of Cleveland on July 29th for DUBLIN to stay in the Isaacs Hostel that my little sister chose - please, please, please check this place out - I can't even put into words how excited these photos made me. From there, here's the brief itinerary:

7/29: dublin
7/30: dublin
7/31: dublin
8/1 : dublin
8/2 : london
8/3 : london
8/4 : manchester
8/5 : manchester
8/6 : glasgow (Meagen and I will be turning 25 in scotland!!)
8/7 : glasgow
8/8 : edinburgh
8/9 : fly back to Charlotte

At that point, I'm guessing I'll probably be planning how to get back over there for good. Be prepared - I love traveling, but I'm terrible with the post-travel depression.


Rina said...

that trip sounds amazing! good luck and have a great time there!

traphic signs said...

Thank you thank you :) I've still go almost a year until the trip, and I'm already on the edge of my seat with excitement about all of it!

Anonymous said...

really? erin chose the uk?

...hmm. okay.