Resolutions : 2008

From MK's trip overseas- as always, an amazing photo.

Alright, alright... if we're doing resolutions, here's what I've got so far for 2008 goals:

1] Lose the weight. First and foremost. I won't disclose how much, but I've got a number in my head- June is the goal, then December to maintain it.

2] Save save save. I'd like to remain credit-card-debt-free, and get at least one or two month's paycheck in the bank.

3] Adopt a yellow lab. This WILL happen- and I'm probably the most excited about it out of everything- also in June.

4] Work on LEED certification. I've really got to get my act together on this one... I'm running out of excuses.

5] Take a trip somewhere: I'd love to go to CA this summer with my sister, but I'm open for ideas. I've definitely got the travel bug.

6] I'm not even going to touch the relationship status issue, because I'm declaring that out of my control. But if I were to worry about it, finding someone new to date would be #6.... but that's not the case...

7] Do a better job at keeping up with photo albums. I've got one that's almost complete and one that's started, but keeping photos printed regularly and not picking at the albums for other projects is something I've got to put some effort into.

8] Drink less diet coke; drink more water.

9] In light of your bed-building-aspirations, I'd really like to find a chair to upholster for my bedroom. I'd love something with some clean lines, possibly with a mid-century-modern flare to it, and the goal is to spend NO MORE than $60. It'll be an adventure.

10] Plan UK trip. My two sisters and I will be traveling to the UK in the Summer of 09 in honor of my 16 year old sister, Erin, graduating from high school. We plan to hit up England, Scotland, Wales and Dublin (most likely in that order). I'd like to get as much of that fully-researched and planned as possible this year.

Alright, mine seem to be a bit more wordy than yours, erin, but what's new. This is all I've got- let's pull this out in December and see how we did.

*We'd love everyone else to comment with their resolutions, too, for a little shared inspiration!*

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