EL OCHO...resolutions

yes Kelley, as I am sitting in my very small hotel room in Atlanta with nothing to do... I started contemplating resolutions. I have a few, hopefully accomplish-able ones:

1. go skydiving (care to join?)
2. learn to cook a really fantastic meal (any ideas?)
3. print and frame some of my photos (and yours... i like the one you just posted Thanks for that!!)
~3b: make more photo books
4. go to Denmark and see my brother
~4b: save money to see other brother in Japan next year.
5. Learn a new craft
6. run a 10K
7. eat more salads
8. call home more often
9. design and build a bed (maybe one that is similar to this or this.)
10. sew something.

It was sooo great to see you too. Happy New Year in the El OCHO (copywrite Amanda Whittemore.)


traphic signs said...

1] skydiving- after going twice and not staying conscious through either fall, I'll have to pass.

2] no ideas for cooking- you know me... slice a tomato and cover it in balsamic vinegar & sea-salt and I'm good.

3] I love the photo, too :)

Good luck!

Joslyn said...

count me OUT on the skydiving.