Love + Obama

First of all, I agree with erin on the previous post - I love the approach Obama's supporters have taken to help earn him the presidency. However, and please forgive me for saying this if it seems sacrilegious, but I'm a little concerned on a McCain-kinda level that it's becoming more about the celebrity / graphic / marketing side of Obama than about his history in politics and plans for the future. Either way, I love the print from The Scoop, I just hope that throughout the debates they start to balance it out more - the U.S. isn't full of JUST young people :)

On another note, I've been stalking wedding photographers' blogs again this morning... It's pictures like these, from DrewB, that make me so anxious to find that person. I think that's the trick - it's not that I'm envious of their clothes, the setting, or the photo shoot in general, but of the connection between them - probably one of the toughest things to capture in a series of photos. Love them!

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