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I have become ADDICTED to this presidential campaign. I have listened to both sides... for research of course, and the more and more I hear from each side the more I know that Barack Obama is the right choice for this nation. So.... I was very excited to see this on The Scoop.

From The Scoop and Sidedown for Obama:

Whether you've already decided that Barack Obama is definitely your candidate, or maybe you're still undecided - here's a way to contribute to the campaign & receive a piece of art that (beautifully) gets your point across to others.

For us, this election is about our right as American citizens to choice. We want to live in a country that accepts its people... ALL of them. A country that believes in the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence as they pertain to the freedom of all who reside here, and that does not discriminate against its citizens on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious creed, social status, or station.
We do not believe this is a matter of Democrat vs. Republican. When Abraham Lincoln became our first Republican president, he redefined the way our nation saw itself, and reshaped what it meant to be "an American". If one lawyer, Illinois statesman, and member of Congress can do as much for the country as he did, we'd like to see what a second one can do.
Both candidates will tell you that in November, you have a choice to make. Only one of them would allow you to make choices after the election is over. That's why you should tell them to "Make Mine Barack".
- Sidedown for Obama

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Joslyn said...

you go girl! i love this.