24 before 25

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With motivation from Joslyn... I made a list of 24 things to do before 25.
And seeing as I only have about 2 months and a couple weeks, my list may be a little ambitious. But shoot for the stars right?

1. Hem and hang curtains for the bedroom
2. Learn to make a gourmet meal like my friend Lindsy.
3. Work up stamina to run 3 miles without walking
4. Try a printing project from Lena Corwin’s book. [maybe on the curtains I am going to hem and hang]
5. Write thank you notes to any teacher that has affected me later in life in ways that I didn’t appreciate then.
6. learn a new dance
7. make a batch of wine at swirll
8. throw at least 3 dinner parties
9. Go skydiving!!
10. co-host a Halloween party with a fog machine
11. Buy all Christmas presents before my birthday
12. send flowers to someone for no reason
13. Learn to bake… anything really… from scratch!
14. Read 10 books… any suggestions?
15. Finish reading the 2 books I am onto now.
16. borrow movies from the library instead of blockbuster
17. Buy a ticket to Japan
18. Save money to go to Japan
19. Copy Joslyn and buy a bike
20. and take a Sunday bike ride
21. overcome my fear of ducks and go feed them at the pond
22. Finish hanging things in my new apt.
23. Paint
24. Go to the Dallas Arboretum.

And as a side note I was thinking about my "list" I made when I was 15 of things to do before 25. One of those things was to go to all 7 continents, I have taken the liberty of pushing that goal back to 30... or maybe 35.

Also to recall my resolutions from this year... I transferred a few to this list. Fair right?


CC said...

Wow, I'm impressed you got this up so fast! Let me just say, Swirl sounds awesome! I've never heard of it, but I think we should go! Maybe as a going away thing before I leave so I have something to remember you guys by?

AND, you and I should do some sort of cooking basics class so we can learn to cook like Lindsy. And then we can have a dinner party showcasing our skills....

PS, DON'T FORGET to enter my Fall Contest! Delicious Pumpkin Lattes may be in your future!

Anonymous said...

As a fellow Dallasite I would recommend the Arboretum right now when the pumpkins are out... lovely list by the way.