24 before 25

Erin told me to read her post and do my own - seemed like an easy task until I started it. Giving myself short-term goals is easy. There's no deadline. But giving myself until August 0f 2009 is tough. Trying to come up with goals that aren't all self-critical and instead are optimistically ambitious is even more difficult.

1 Lose the weight - I mean it. I'm down the majority of it already, but I've got 15 to go. I want it gone by Christmas, and maintained all through next year.
2 Run three times each week...outside...I'm too cheap to pay for a membership to the gym these days - for some reason I have a feeling I should be saving money (coughECONOMIC CRISIScough)
3 Learn football - not just the basics, but really learn it during this season and before next year's season starts.
4 Develop a wardrobe I'll wear.
5 Send gifts on time or early - especially to family.
6 Take a trip with my frequent flyer miles to a place I've never been.
7 Make a dress.
8 Make my bed each morning.
9 Vote, and learn enough about the candidate to defend my vote.
10 Write thank-you notes for each gift I receive.
11 Eat breakfast every morning and make coffee instead of buying it.
12 Participate in at least three runs.
13 Use the library for non-work related reading.
14 Throw a baby shower for my best friend, and try not to feel sick over the thought of someone my age reproducing.
15 Try new restaurants in Charlotte.
16 Go on a gallery crawl in NoDa.
17 Go for a run through Uptown.
18 Stop buying so many clothes.......(full price)
19 Spend more time outside.
20 Work on my LEED certification.
21 Keep photo albums up to date.
22 Re-paint my red credenza.
23 Figure out where to live next - locally or not.
24 Spend some time re-learning my old 35mm SLR, AND get the film developed.

Clearly I had to use my list of resolutions, as well... It was good to look back at the list now that we're in the last leg of the race for 2008, see what I've accomplished and what I need to put more effort into. Lets see how this list goes!

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suzanne said...

I really enjoy reading both of your goals...makes me want to start my own list as well...but I'm afraid I've passed 25...eeek.