Spawned love...

As our professor, Ericka Hedgecock used to inspire us all and open us up to very new things. She was always so stylish yet with an organic twist, so it didn't surprise me to learn of her love for Angela Adams. I remember in 2nd year Ericka had the grooviest little planner and sketch books. She got them at Angela Adams. Little did I know that this would spawn a love of my own. Since then I have been in adoration of Angela Adams myself.

She [Angela] does a one-off mural type hand woven wool rug once a year (from what I understand via in an interview I had with a sales rep at ICFF in 2004).
photo is from angelaadams.com

So this year she has an absolutely GORGEOUS rug. But even better the photography and interior of this room is one where I can only dream to emulate. The interior has a rusticness and the rug and the couch add a very colorful and fun element. One of her rugs will definitely be an investment piece that I get down the road.


traphic signs said...

I looked through her website / shop: very, very "erin." If you ever find someone who has paper-goods in an argyle motif or possibly some conservatively edgy wool handbags in a red or gray (without kate spade's pricing) please let me know :)

traphic signs said...

i'll be on the lookout!