Nascar Hall of Fame

Being a midwesterner (in disguise) down here, I have yet to make the leap over to being a Nascar enthusiast. I understand that it's a sport, and while I don't have that much appreciation for watching it or for the culture usually associated with it, I do have a lot of respect for the science behind understanding how to drive a car that fast on different types of track. I get it.

Good thing I understand it because there certainly is a lot of hype stirring up about the new Nascar Hall of Fame, designed and planned to open up in the first quarter of 2010. I think it was I.M.Pei's firm that has designed this HUGE structure, and (I think) Little is the architect-on-record here. None the less, I finally bit the bullet and decided to pay a little bit of attention to this $154.5 million addition to Charlotte's city skyline.

I wish I appreciated the sport more, because it seems like this is going to be an awesome building. We're talking 130,000 s.f., retail (duh), a huge theatre, tons of interactive exhibits, and a "modern media center." ADDITIONALLY, a 19-story, 390,000 s.f. Plaza will accompany the Hall of Fame to house NASCAR enterprises, I think. Its a lot to try to understand when you still see it as a hyped-up car-race. We'll see!

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traphic signs said...

i lived in charlotte for 22 years... and my family is originally from Martainsville and I have never been to or watched [more than 20 minutes] of a NASCAR race.

I am with you.

however.... u are right that looks like it is going to be one wicked building.