'bold gold'

Unfortunately, erin, you won't be in town to celebrate homecoming at our booming-sports-crazed alma mater this weekend - please note quite a bit of sarcasm in that sentence. In four and a half years at uncg, I attended one sporting event - with a liberal background, we aren't lucky enough to have a football team.. but we've got a strong dance program :)

Anyways, weather's getting chillier, so what's a girl to wear?? It's an all-day event of reuniting with everyone - alumnae and current people alike. Morning to evening wear? There's potential for a change of attire at night, but still... during the day... cute, but warm - adult but fun? Tricky.

I tend to be on the conservative side - this is the plan this year : I just bought this "frock" from American Apparel - it actually isn't as long as they show and kind of bunches up, especially with these pockets, so I'm wearing it as a shirt with some cute jeans :) Plus, it's only available in size medium, which I'm new to wearing after the weight-loss, so it's still not as baggy as they've shown on the model... crazy, hmm? In light of the blue and white stripe and the boat-neck (sailing, anyone?) I'm thinking chunky gold jewelry - which is where I've fallen in love with the bracelet shown from JCrew. Of course.


mamacita said...

Yes, but, as the Fug Girls would say, look into pants.

traphic signs said...

Hmmm? Pants? I mentioned that I'll wear jeans with that... I'm confused :)