Since I'm starting my Thanksgiving today by driving home this afternoon, I figured it was okay to touch-base on Christmas just a bit. I'm curious - what's everyone asking for this year?? I started a list (besides peace on earth and a stable economy)... a few things might a little out-of-reach, but it's worth a shot, right?

1 : the (prior-mentioned) watch to replace the p.o.s. *someone* gave me :)
2 : love - LOVE - this print!
3 : is this ugly? because i kind of love it..
4 : same question - and i kind of love it, too..
5 : the casio elixim... i'm ready for a small, girly camera.
6 : to go next to my red 'keep calm and carry on' poster?
7 : kinda love these scarves a la target
8 : i really want a browns tshirt... especially a throw-back like this one!
9 : i need to get it together and start prepping for the LEED exam... aka, I need this reference guide. not so fun, but... eh..

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