Little Black Dress.

that's me in the red, whitney in the darker red, and everyone else in black and white - i missed the memo. i want the black version of the hot pink dress (shown on elizabeth - lovely :)

the closest i've found - i think jessica mcclintock, jcrew, and bluefly.

This weekend was Whitney's engagement party (wedding to follow in January), and we headed up to Raleigh to mingle with her friends and family. It was so, so nice to see the girls, especially Whitney (and Luke).

It was cocktail attire - I ended up wearing Sara's red dress because I wasn't thrilled with anything I have / found. With an office Christmas dinner coming up, as well as the wedding in January, I've got my sights set on something really specific - I want a strapless, black taffeta dress. See the pink dress in the picture? I want that, but in black. Similar to the red one I've got on, and really similar to the examples I've found... however, I don't want it to cost me $200, and I want it to fit correctly.

Has anyone ever made something like that? Any advice? I think it might be my newest project.

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