I think it's only appropriate that something should be said today, in that it's the 6 year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center and those alike. I thought about whether or not to even mention this- I can't really say anything to do the subject any justice- but after looking at some of the photos online of what kind of events took place to memorialize the event and those lost, it really seemed like any and all attention that can, should be paid towards the anniversary.

I feel like anytime this attack is brought up, a million people start reciting what they were doing that day (I was skipping class) and where they were when they found out (the senior lounge of our high school) and who they told first and whatnot... they talk about remembering the world stopping, all eyes on the t.v, etc... I guess that's a good thing- not to forget- but what got me today was the photos of the people who CAN'T forget- the people that seem to have been / still be connected to all of it... the plane crashes / WTC employees / firemen & policemen / those fighting the war connected to those events still today.

Here are some of the photos that hit me the hardest- in not attempt trying to provoke any comments, just trying to give it whatever I can.

a british memorial for the event & those lost:

the reflecting pool on the site of the world trade center:

the gates around the site of the WTC- weirdest part is knowing we were there 4 months ago:

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