Well I hardly know where to even begin with this post: sometimes it takes a little bit for even a weekend trip to set-in and for you to realize what you really took away from it. I just had a fantastic weekend with two favorites from the South, taking them home to the midwest to spend time with two favorites from the North. It was wonderful- I knew everyone would and has always gotten along just fine, but it was a seamless transition.

While we were there we did all of your typical goofy stuff- trying on some "interesting" clothes at Target, seeing Superbad (go see it), Dave & Busters, and lots of food. However, I was so thankful to have my camera with me as we drove all around Columbus because I was surprised again and again and again with the amount of art and culture in that city- this could be a long post.

This first image is an ad for a paint company in the city- rather than use a billboard or paint the side of a building and leave it at that, they went for the dramatic approach of painting the building, the parking lot, AND three of the cars in the parking lot- driving around a corner and seeing this was a trip. It is by far, one of the coolest and most effective ads I've ever seen.

Then, this last part is what I was most excited to show you: while we stumbled into the North Market- a farmer's market in downtown Columbus, there happened to be a ton of artists in a strip of parking using chalk pastels to leave a temporary expression of a design they apparently proposed. I'm not going to try to explain what these images are, except the last one: my favorite, by far- the message around the border reads:


I'm sorry I didn't catch a better photo of that- I was a little bit rushed for battery life and trying to get each image on the first shot. Take a look at these:

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traphic signs said...

i love that off the billboard ad. its similar to the cingular dropped calls add they had in times square... were you with me when i saw that??