Domino Decorating Contest

I need your help. I want to enter the Domino Decorating contest. Here is my problem, I feel like i am not completely ready, and I don't know which room to choose. So, knowing that you have never been here before (although this will change VERY soon, I am excited) here are some pictures of my apartment. you can see larger ones on my Flickr photoset.

My thoughts are that I use my bedroom or Living room. My bedroom however needs some work, you see that large open space above the bed?? I don't know what to put there. I am having a dilemma. Then in my living room I don't have a great angle I can shoot the photo from so I would have to concentrate on one particular area. hmmm... thoughts?

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traphic signs said...

hey- i keep meaning to leave a comment about this and keep forgetting to. I looked at all of the photos and rooms in your place- love it, so "you" and we both totally share a love for this danish-modern vintage look... our furniture would get along really well.

I don't know much about this competition, but I personally like your little patio A LOT and am really impressed with your decor in there- I don't know the layout of your apartment or what all you've done to it, which I'd be curious to find out (some before images?) but the lighting with the hanging hammock-chair thing, with the curtains is really nice. I love the bedding you're using in your bedroom, especially against that purple wall- nicely done... that'd be my second choice. I hear what you mean about the open space above your bed- fortunately, the color speaks really well for that issue. I'm not sure what I'd recommend, but I know it's frustrating. Putting up a poster or something like a painting always seems over-played and expected... you end up wanting some kind of sculptural / artsy piece that catches you off guard a little bit. I'll keep thinking / keep my eyes open on that solution.

Let me know how it goes and what you end up doing!