photo Ideas

I was sent this link to a website that gives ideas for all the millions of photos you have laying around. One particular favorite was the photo journal. The site gives you step by step directions to making this, check it out at PhotoJoJo.
Also, on that site I found the coolest photo gadget ever!! It is called a monsterpod. It is a "tripod" if you will, that attaches itself to ANY surface. And it is really small. Once attached you can rotate your camera to virtually any position... what copious amounts of possibilities. This is definitely on my wish list. You can buy it here.


Meagen said...

seeing that this is a design website, and i do love design- i decided to post a comment of a truly amazing house i recently stumbled upon. i think you will agree that it encompasses everything we stand for in our philosophy of design. i hope you will find it as moving as i do.
here is the link:
heart, meagen

traphic signs said...

I love that little tripod thing- I'm picturing us building some kind of installation project in a forest... we mount this sucker to a tree, set-up the camera with a timer to take a picture once every 15 minutes, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, we've got a flip-book of our design-build. Could be kind of wonderful....