packaging & print design

I think if I could go back to it, I probably wouldn't have majored in Interior Architecture. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do right now, and I loved getting here, but...maybe it's just a phase.

I would LOVE to get myself involved in print and packaging design. I'd of course have to work on my level of craft- even with models in i.arc, I was always struggling to put DOWN the hot-glue gun and try my patience with the real stuff... always dripping it everywhere... I was looking around and came across Tip Top Creative- specifically some of their packaging design. They have some really cool work in logos and print, but check out those boxes! So cool... reminds me of the same kind of designs that probably went into the Rice to Riches stuff... which makes me really want some of that rice pudding- especially the banana. Because we both know it was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life to order that flavor.

Graphica, the firm I interned with while I was in school, did some work with packaging and print. Unfortunately, they didn't get a chance to do too much with this stuff while I was with them (a short semester), but looking at their website I was just as impressed with those pieces of their portfolio as I was with anything else. There was a designer there that was EXTREMELY talented while I was there- so great to bounce ideas off of, however, I heard he took a position in VA and left Graphica. I'm sure they're still doing great, though- tons of talent there.

None the less, while I loved the i.arc department, and more so the people I met there, I'm not satisfied. I love the environmental graphics side of it (for now), but I want more- I want more graphics, more web design, more packaging and print, more identity work, etc... Only problem with that: it's going to cost to go back to school, and it's going to take patience to learn it all and work my way into it professionally. Maybe in my next life?

PS: I just saw this and had to add it in: have you looked at Suzanne Buchanan's web-blog an open [sketch]book? She puts up sketches and drawings (almost daily) of whatever she sees- I've got to get better about carrying a sketchbook with me or at least improving those skills more. She drew this image of a box of soap she got from her mother-in-law (I think). These are the kinds of drawings she does in five minutes... I'm so jealous.

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