So, I'm sure you remember how excited I was about Spain and traveling in general after the cruise I went on with my family last year. We went cruisin' throughout the mediterranean, making stops at every place wonderful- starting in Genoa, stopping in Malta, Tunisia / Carthage, Rome, Monaco, Milan, lots that I'm forgetting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY for my experience, Valenicia. After seeing that city, especially considering the limited architecture I had a chance to witness in person back in Greensboro, NC, I was more than convinced that someday I would / will live in Spain. I didn't understand the point of staying in the US when there was a slim chance I could live in a place with buildings like this... until reality set-in. (FOR NOW)

I wasn't very familiar with Santiago Calatrava, the architect responsible for most of the structures at Valencia's "City of Arts and Sciences," but after that trip I knew he was one that I should have already known more about. When I started looking at jobs I was looking for anything to get me to Spain- harder than I thought, especially if I were trying to stay within the design field, and ESPECIALLY not having any experience worth scoring me a position overseas. There's a lot involved in that, from visas & passports to employment to languages (my spanish is minimal to be polite) and everything in between. However, take a look at these photos- some of which are mine, some borrowed from another blog I was looking at today, and please just TRY to tell me that you aren't automatically hooked & waiting for me to tell you when we're moving... I think after looking through these images & looking into the city a bit more (famous for paella!), we'll be on the same page.

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traphic signs said...

those images are GORGEOUS!!! it looks like architecture paradise... the buildings are so technically advanced but somehow look like they blend into the landscpe. LOVE IT!! let's go.