World's largest Chest of Drawers

I don't know what you are complaining about "the limited amount of architecture" you were deprived of when we lived in Greensboro. That is why I am posting this.... To remind you that a mere 20 miles down the road in High Point you can find the largest chest of drawers. Which I also may remind you... I will get to stand in front of as of tomorrow.

That's right, I'm headed to the great land of furniture, for the International Home Furniture Fair, to set up our showroom in the IHFC. I do hope that I am going to get to see you! So.. while I am witnessing first hand, the brilliance of architecture the NC Triad has to offer... I too will be dreaming of far off lands like Valencia and my personal favorite Venice, for its ever-winding and confusing trails and fairy tale like architecture. Oh to be Carlo Scarpa. Famous Italian architect. But he was spot on in his interiors as well. The picture below is inside one of his museums in Venice. It was designed to accomodate the rising water of the canals and embrace it instead of letting it become its demise. The other photo is just a beaustiful image of Venice to leave you with.

oh and HAppy Friday!

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