Weddings.... or at least the photography involved.

I was looking at design*sponge today, going down my list of the blogs I check everyday- sometimes more than that (procrastination is a killer.), and saw a link to another blog I haven't seen before. Keeping up with MK is by a photographer who posts some of her photos and personal thoughts, most of which seem to be taken in the D.C. area.

It's not that I want a wedding, or that I even have a boyfriend or a guy in mind, for that matter, but there is something about looking at photos (at least those well-executed) that makes every girl start collecting the ideas she'll put into practice one day. Its not that I want to get married... but I would love to plan a wedding. By the time that day comes, I'm hoping I'll have all of my ideas so completely narrowed down it'll just be a matter of making them happen. Here are some of my favorites from her site:

this is sweet enough to make the grinch shed a tear:

I used to think I wanted to get married outside somewhere, and while a reception might be lovely outside- I'm picturing something with tapas / appetizers & an open bar, underneath a large trellis with vines and discreet white lights woven throughout, complimented by glass hurricane candle-holders & white candles hanging from that trellis, all topped off with nothing but white and green flowers. can you tell i've thought about this??
Anyways, back to what I was saying- I'm starting to think that my tendency to over-plan and agonize over the details of these kinds of events would lead me to be happier planning something indoor, possibly in an older building like the one pictured below, heading towards that shabby-chic meets modern-vintage appeal.

can you tell i'm somewhat biased towards black and white?

I think this was taken on board a ship - the NOAA ship Thomas Jefferson. What beautiful way of turning the ugly interior of a ship- completely function over form- into such a perfect juxtaposition with this gown.

Most of all, this made me want a new camera. I guess those who can't have the wedding or the newborn or the events worth photographing are the ones behind the camera. I have a decent camera- not that I've taken care of it like I should have or anything- it's a sony of some sort... but I really miss having an SLR and coming up with those money-shots. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I'm going to start saving for it... could be kinda wonderful... I'm leaning towards a Nikon, but I'm completely open to comments and suggestions towards or away from that.

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MK said...

Hey, wow! Thanks for all your kind words on my photography! So sweet.

As for that dress, it's actually in a hunting cabin in West Virginia, which is equally as hideous as the interior of a ship!

As far as cameras... go for a Canon... much better lens choices and if you like b&w, which it looks like you do, the dark space in photos isn't as noisy.

Thanks for writing such kind things! -MK