jenny humpherey

I look forward to monday nights for 3 reasons:

1. the chance to get together with my girlfriends in dallas and have a yummy dinner

2. we watch the hills [shameless i know]

3. we watch Gossip Girl [even worse but i love it]

So last night at Lindsy's place after we made a yummy recipe for stuffed pizza (ala Rachel Ray) we settled in for some Gossip Girl. One thing I love about the show is the fashion styling and outfits. So Lindsy propsed the question: "which girls style do you like/identify with the best?" my answer was Jenny, because she has a slightly edgy style but her accessories always rock and she is just girly enough without being over the top. Lindsy's answer was Blair.

So I ask you... do you watch Gossip Girl? which style do you like/identify with the best and why?


CC said...

I'd like to think that I'm Sabrina, but I'm honestly probably more Blair. I love Sabrina's funky bohemian style and wish I could pull that look off! But in reality I'm much more of a Blair in the sense that I lean toward the classic, semi-preppy style. LOVE headbands too!

traphic signs said...

i think you and i probably have a lot in common on style... someday i'll come visit and we'll compare notes :)