Christmas shopping!

I went out Saturday to get some Christmas shopping done (and listen to the Ohio State / michigan game- Go Bucks! 14-3!!), and was fortunate enough to get about 99% of my shopping DONE / ordered in one day! Three stores, one order online and I've only got two or three more little things to pick-up- and I haven't even hit Thanksgiving!

I came home and decided to see what I could pull together for gift-wrap and this is what I came up with. There's no red & brown satin ribbon, but this red velvet ribbon was in Target's dollar-bin, so I couldn't resist it. That red & white wrapping paper was ALSO only $1 / roll- I love the design... matches my bedroom really well... any ideas for post-christmas uses?


suzanne said...

This simply isn't right.....there is NO WAY you can be finished with your shopping. I haven't even thought about it yet!

Beautiful packages....

Joslyn said...

I'm jealous Kelley...you're way ahead of me. the presents are sooo pretty!