erin's travel bag #3

photo via ali loves curtis

There are 2 items of make-up that I splurge on, DiorShow mascara and Benefit dandelion. I remember reading an article in Cosmo or Glamour an article about what 2 make-up items are most important if stranded on a desert island (well hello?! i would think water food and shelter were important but if they arn't....) well, these are mine, and ALWAYS make it into the travel bag. There is just something about this happy little box of delightful smelling powder that brightens up your day and your face!

I was also VERY excited to stumble apon the blog ali loves curtis, not only because ali shares my love for this awesome cosmetic, but because her blog is really fun too!! Ali graciously let me use this beautiful photo that she took of dandelion. Thanks ali!


traphic signs said...

I just recently discovered benefit- bought some foundation there that has made the list- or started it, rather- of make-up worth splurging on.

I need some new mascara... hmmmm...

Rina said...

Hi girls! I´m so happy and near to cry about the things you said about my blog, I´m really glad that you liked it.
Of course my english is not very good either, but I do what I can, and I have to! I studied almost ten years!
A lot of things happend right now in latin america about design, there is a kind of culture of it, It´s very interesting, so if you like to visit south america, your are welcome to Argentina or Chile.
I´ll still posting about a lot of lovely shops in the city, they are amazing and I want every little thing.
P.S: I´m still waiting for Kate Spade here....

ali said...

No, thank you!