[i] news : congrats!

I recently received the newsletter from our alma-mater department - kind of like a family newsletter each winter going over who's doing what and wishing everyone a happy holiday from mom and the kids, only this time it's from the faculty of our interior architecture department. I miss knowing what's going on, both within our department and around campus, so I welcome those emails each time they come!

In this last one a few awards were mentioned, but the one that really caught my eye was Julie Barghout receiving the form.Z Joint Study Program Award of Distinction for Interior Design for one of her projects- an image from that (by way of the newsletter) seen here. We've all been trained to obey the Gods of form.Z for each project- knowing that with the right amount of patience and submission to it's quirks and mood-swings you can produce an amazing rendering of every project. Congrats to Julie (fifth year) - it's nice to see that her skills were recognized!

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suzanne said...

Isn't this cool? Good for Julie.