Across Language Barriers

I love looking at comments left on other blogs- so many new sites are found that way! I found this site, of a designer living in Santiago, Chili, originally from Argentina. She posts a variety, kind of like we seem to, usually regarding design. What I really like about this site is that she seems to be pretty down-to-earth and a lot of her posts are in relation to her search for new elements of design in a city that's new to her.

I think it's really interesting how some things are so interesting, even across the language barrier. The blog is, obviously, in spanish- makes me wish I'd paid attention a little bit better and retained some of my skills from days in school. Even with my minimal translation abilities, I'm able to get the point of what she's saying in most of her posts- especially this one. North Carolina, Argentina, etc: everyone loves kate spade. :)

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