winter coats!

Looking at Blair's yellow coat got me wanting a new one. I have a black pea-coat that I got last year for christmas, but having lost about 40 lbs since that point, and with it being shorter, it definitely isn't as flattering.

And I want something longer. Like Blair.

I like these, but I'm not sold on them - and I can't afford something brand-new for the look I want. I'd love a bold color (kelly green, PLEASE?) and a preppy-all american-classic-vintage look. Maybe it should be a new project and I should scour Charlotte's thrift stores? Erin, do you know of any other places I could look for something like that?

PS: I think I'm going to make some pumpkin seeds this weekend :) Pumpkins will probably be on clearance after Friday... and I've got some time... mmmmmmm!

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