Keep it Simple...

brown craft paper + twine = this year's strategy.initial idea for a christmas tag... too much?

Last year, I tried to simplify gift-wrap and keep it simple. Of course, that still got out of hand as I started collecting ornaments to attach, and red velvet ribbon, and then "simple" gift-tags that I still ended up buying... it just turned-out to be too much.

This year, I'm serious. After Joslyn's post about some really, really, gorgeous gift-wrap, I've decided not to fall for it and to stick with brown craft paper and twine. I'm making my own gift tags, and refuse to stray from the plan!

...Maybe I should start with the gifts?

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suzanne cabrera said...

I love that you plan this out in advance...while you're at it...can you plan what my presents will look like and what they will consist of. I'm the one at Walmart on Christmas Eve scrambling to buy gifts. Sad, but true.